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Forbidden Friendship

It's rare that I love a movie enough to ever do fanart, but How To Train Your Dragon? Hell to the mother fucking yeah!

I adored this movie so much! My attempt is far from perfect (dragon anatomy!? ._.) but I'm quite happy with it.

Hiccup lost all his detail being downsized so here's a close up: [link]

Forbidden Friendship is named after my favorite song in the score (which is amazing) [link]

Toothless ... :heart: :heart: :heart:
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myy favourite song!
wonderful!!! I love this movie!!Love 
stunning work.. congrats ;))
stunning work.. congrats ;))
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best how to train your dragon fan art ever!
Wow thats AMAZING!! absolutely love it :) :happycry:
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They've made a T.V. series that is amazing as well. Just in case you want to check it out! ;)
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Amazing!!! Also High 5 to to train your dragon is really one of those awesome, sweet, hilarious movies....My husband and I LOVE it!! ^^ By the way you have an amazing gallery...keep it up girl and I'll keep coming back ^^ Take care
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wow i love this movie hahahaha , great work
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Such a good movie. I usually don't do fanart either, but felt the urge after watching it. Beautiful drawing!
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I really love this. :)

I just dont understand what his back legs are doing.. ^-^
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Wow that's pretty nice
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Just me or did Toothless remind anyone else of Stitch? I love them both! hah hah...
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I like it..Good work
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wow hiccup looks more real than he did in the movie.

I want to favorite all your art, it's so good!
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great job, love that movie too :D
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I love this movie a lot and your painting too :D
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Absolutley amazing, i loved this movie so much
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Amazing!!! Your coloring really beautiful!!!! <3333
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Wow, this is beautiful! :wow:

I would comment longer, but I am busy right now. ^^; The poses are gorgeous, I love the amazing amount of detail in the background and textures on Toothless's skin. Hiccup looks amazing, and I love both of their expressions! :love: :aww:

Truly amazing job! :glomp:
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