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And lo! Fireheart, SHE IS DONE. This was SO much fun to work on. I wish I could put my love for this series into words, but I can’t. I’ll leave that to Sarah and carry on painting out my feelings.

Aelin from S. J. Maas 'Throne of Glass' series.

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Omg so beautiful!! I'm in love with this <3

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my favorite fanart

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I'm in love with this art. You really captured her, this is exactly how I imagined her :heart:

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this is amazing

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I'm not really a fan of the books at all, but I have to admit that this picture is bad-ass!

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Très réussi ! ^^
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If I could Fav more than once I'd ve gladly done it!


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The intensity in her eyes is chilling!
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OMG! I love Aelin so much! Thank you for bringing her to life <3
I'm a big fan of SJ Maas works.
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I just finished the series and this really captures her for me. 
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Oh wow! Really cool spirit!
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I aspire to draw people as well as you do one day. :D
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So yourrrr the one behind all the prized TOG and ACOTAR fan art! 
One of my first, and by that token most fondly remembered, D&D characters was Julirian, a female elven ranger (3.0). This reminds me of her. As well as my brother's character Kaelyn Firewind, an elritch knight(ess) (human). Also my friend's character, Althea, very much like that first character. Only that last player is actually female, mind you. :p 
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Thank you for all your art of this series! I fell in love so hard with that series and your art is so perfect! just amazing
Do you give lessons or courses?

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where can I buy this !?!?!?!?!
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So much to comment on but will not bore anyone. Save to say the lighting is fantastic, added to the framing done by the background foliage it really focuses the eye on the Character. There is some nice use of color employed, and the rain wet translucent cloth is fantastically done.

Smashing work
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This is just so beautiful.
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Amazing, I love the glance and the freckles. Great expression.
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