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Just colouring up a recent sketch, and taking the opportunity to exercise some restraint when it comes to rendering! I have a bad habit of rendering the crap out of everything and wanted to ease off a little with this one.

PSCC, 22HD Cintiq. 

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Your work is fantastic! It is like a dream. Very beautiful! :heart: 
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This. Is. Beautiful!
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Very very beautiful<3<3<3
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Delicate and absolutely gorgeous. Love it.
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you are sooooo talented.
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ooh taboo blah blah
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Soooo beautiful!! If you don't mind me saying so, I like how her nose isn't "average" (IE it's not petite, but a bit wide) Makes her face have more character.
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So beautiful ^^ I love her expression and gesture
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very nice ! :)
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Fair enough. It describes the flowers in a very organic manner. Their texture and form is excellent. Really like it.
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beautiful piece! i love the colors and brush strokes, not to mention flowers!
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the reduced rendering makes for some nice paint strokes! love the color choices also. beautiful work as always!
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This has the nicest palette of purples. So pretty! <3
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I love how gentle this entire piece is (palette, posture, clothing) except for her expression. It's very cold and beautiful.
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I knew this was yours the moment I saw her face! I love your style! :D
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I like her thoughtful expression.
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Gorgeous! Your anatomy is always rock solid. Love your work <3
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Beautiful soft work! Sorry for my 'noobism', but what is rendering exactly? :)
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