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Equinox Video Tutorial

Hey everyone! I mentioned that I had recorded the process for Equinox and would be releasing a video soon. It's taken me a few weeks to piece it all together but it's finally finished and available through Gumroad. Huzzah!

The response to this painting was great, so thank you all for that :) 

The video tutorial is 1.15 hours long and covers everything from the initial sketch to final colour, covering composition, colour, value, layer effects etc. Pretty much everything I could think to talk about! Experienced painters will likely know all of this and more, but I always try to cover everything for the sake of any beginners watching. It's quite different from previous tutorials as this is a full blown scene, rather than just a stand alone character. 

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Hi, I've bought your tutorial before, it's really helpful, thank you so much for spending your time making these. But today I came back, it said: "Sorry, this item is not available in your location.". You blocked Vietnam? : (
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Oh thank you! No - I haven't blocked Vietnam at all! I haven't blocked anywhere. I think Gumroad can be a little glitchy sometimes though... :/
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Let's watch this :D
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Got it and it's great. I'm waiting for more video tut's Charlie ;)
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I just watched the whole Tutorial and it was really really helpful! Thanks for all the tips! I've learned a lot and I hope I can make us of of it in my next painting :) I am looking forward to your next tutorial <3
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There's no paypal option?
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There should be a paypal option but unfortunately it's a Gumroad glitch in that it doesn't show up for everyone :/ 
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I purchased this and WOW I'm so blown away by her talent, seriously! This is so worth it for the price she set. The video is a speed up painting though, but you can see everything clear and she comments on a lot of things. I learned so much just by watching this! Thanks a lot for sharing this Charlie, you're such an amazing artist indeed!
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Thanks very much! I'm glad you enjoyed it :) 
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Ah, please how do i get around the whole paypal not showing up?
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Oh and, I asked them before, they told me they'll fix it like next week.
BlackBirdInk's avatar
thanks so much for letting me know! =)
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Gumroad is having some issues/bug with paypal. For now, only premium memberships could pay and sell using paypal, unfortunately :(
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Thanks for making this tutorial, just got it and can't wait to watch it :)
This... is actually really good. So I just saw this, which feels CRITICAL… 
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Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!!!!! :D  T_T  :D   Learning from the best!!!
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I would buy it if there were a paypal option, looks great!
Charlie-Bowater's avatar
There is a paypal option but unfortunately it's a Gumroad glitch that it doesn't show up for some people :(
MaguieMalfoy's avatar
I think there is a bug in Gumroad right and paypal is not showing up so I will wait until it is fixed! 
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Ahh looks cools !
No paypal option? :/
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