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Dream Eater

A little something I've been working on, on-and-off for the past couple of weeks. I streamed the majority of this painting over on my twitch channel and the older streams are archived on my youtube channel! :)

PS & Cintiq 22HD

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Très réussi ! ^^
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Beautiful piece of art, very inspiring :heart:
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Ah wow I love this piece. The lighting is so wonderful. Her expression is so beautifully malevolent. I love how the light strikes her face in such a dramatic way. 
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Great! :) That bright hair girl is very cute! :) Thank you for this work!
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Interesting colours with the violet blues. I can't pin it down but it is fascinating. Very unusual scene as well. The naked female forms flowing into each other. Very unusual scene.
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A very unique work ! A great feeling of relaxation :) I really like this one :iconpinkballoonplz:
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Really amazing work :)
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I loved watching you stream this - that light is gorgeous, and her facial expression is perfect! I would have gone insane painting all those flowers though, aha.
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Mesmerising! So much emotion in this, beautiful yet a little disturbing at the same time. The amazing details really bring the scene and the story to life. Her face is beautiful yet darkly disturbing, such a complex mix of emotions. I actually thought she was a he 😳 Maybe I need anatomy lessons ha ha ha! I had taken in everything, all the details etc but for some reason I didn't register her breasts, maybe because in my mind a he fit perfectly and for some reason made it even more disturbing in a good way? I don't know maybe I should just shut up now 😄😄 This has to be one of my all time favourites from any artist 🌟💜🌟
Nothing makes me wish to stop living more than the fruits of mine and others imaginations. 

It's a weird statement...

But seeing the things depicted in this art makes them seem so real. So attainable. So physical. But they're nothing more than figments of your imagination, and pigments on a screen of canvas.

It makes the life available to me, here, in our very real world seem so bland... So pointless, and without direction. Maybe in death we can manifest these worlds of wonder and creation. But maybe not...
Just kind of ranting, here.
But I hope you appreciate what reality, and physicality you bring to this work. This art. You bring each piece to life with such care and skill. Good art breaks my heart every time.
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I'm surprised this doesn't have a Daily Deviation.
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So beautiful...
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this is literally my favourite piece omgg youre the best
im rlly sad that part 01 and 04 are only on youtube ;_;
wherecan we find the other parts?
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Beautiful. I love that you have put the majority of detail right where it is needed and everything else gets more loose the further out.
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Aww did you delete the part three video on youtube? :( I wasn't done watchiingg
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Nope! I haven't deleted any streams. I'd imagine they'll be blocked in some places because of music during the streams, however. 
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Hmm so weird, because i did click all of the four videos. I just haven't finished each of them yet. But just yesterday suddenly the video dissappeared :(
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Very interesting light and emotion. I wish i coult know the background story
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hope you open free request soon :D
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This perhaps is my most favorite piece from you. It looks soo amazing. The lighting is perfect
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I remember when I first started seeing your work some time back and I thought, this is the most amazing thing ever. And now looking at where you've progressed to is even more ridiculous. 
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