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Declan for Justyne

Had a lot of fun with the lighting, as you can tell. XD

As Sam Nielson says, "If nobody complains about your unrealistic, made-up lighting, just run with it."

His left pupil is permanently dilated, so it looks a little darker for a reason. :)

Photoshop CS3, Wacom Intuos 3.

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I have a character that looks incredibly like this. What is this witchcraft?
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Cartoonish, but nice.
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A beautiful and peaceful looking scene.
Karinta's avatar
AGH so very pretty.
CasperParks's avatar
Fantastic artwork.
Realmwright's avatar
Very Peter Pan-esque. That is, if he would stop playing swords with pirates and read book once in a while :)
He looks like trouble, as if the book just started the stirrings of a mischeivous idea.
riku-gurl's avatar
BEAUTIFUL colors and detail!
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That's actually Charlie's studio/ place of work. :) So this is fine. 
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Looks like a great place to escape to.
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what an interesting place to read a book! I love the lantern above his head. The surrounding foliage in nicely done as well.
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Very nice indeed :D
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You are so, so, so, so, so talented :wow:
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This is so beautiful !!! I really love it ^^
I love this one
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You should know that somebody has stolen your work: [link]

I love this, btw, awesome job, it's put together so well. So much great detail :)
Justyne's avatar
Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I'll see if I can get something done about this.
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You are so amazing. A master at such a young age.
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Oh wow, I love the composition in this one! I really like the light blue slivers of light here and there, too!
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this actually influenced a dream ,an awesome dream.:spyedvsjark::omg:
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