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Aelin and Rowan

Aelin giving Rowan some shit ;)

I could draw these two all day, and in a million different ways!

Aelin & Rowan from the Throne of Glass Series by S.J.Maas: Heir of Fire & Queen of Shadows :heart: :heart: :heart:
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I started reading the Throne of Glass series thanks to your fanart!  I -adore- your illustrations for the series, and the Court series. Heart Heart Heart 
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*snarling intensifies*
ImagoPictures's avatar
I love those chars! I litterally devouring the saga books and I can't wait for the last one!
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Very expressive, those two.
you should sell this!! I wanna buy it!!!
Joanna-92's avatar
More of these two please?
Amedyr's avatar
A miiiiillion different ways *things of certain naughty scenes*  :3
Deranged-Gongzhu's avatar
HAH LOL YES / slapped / 
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These are really good!
Tia-Boulanger's avatar
Who ships Rowaelin??? I do
caprikrn's avatar
dear LORD your shapes are sexy
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Aelin has the most amazing devious look on her face, you just know she has really bad intentions, as it should be.
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I like my head rowan better XD but this is still great. 
VelociowlStudios's avatar
<3 <3 <3
Much better than I originally saw him in my head.
Shefali13's avatar
And that I like!
M-o-Dragons's avatar
Ahh <3 Please do these more of these two <3
Maria-Minamino's avatar
My 2 favorite Maas characters :D Love them both!  and I love how accurately this portrays their relationship!
JenniferWeekley's avatar
I love the blondes expression. 
Fae-Gyspy's avatar
Love these two!
Lilielle's avatar
your style is inspiring!
RockLou's avatar
They're so eye-fucking each other.
KishDen's avatar
i love your style!!!
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