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what the hell?!
I'm trying to draw something for a friend of mine and that means butterflies-and-unicons stuff, mind you!

so I planned to do some sketches and ended with...
Zephon und Dumah! :XD:
In my opinion two LoK characters which are constantly and seriously undervalued ('maßlos unterschätzt' in german) and I always had a soft spot for 'outcasts' :D hah!

Whoever finds some anatomical errors - keep them! Wink/Razz 

I'll try it again tomorrow... ^^" (butterflies and unicons... I can do this!!!! Stupid Me! )

Zephon und Dumah are vampires and belong to EIDOS and Crystal Dynamics
and yes, they didn't have any breakfast yet... :vampireglomp: I need a drink...
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Awww... Zephilein! Heart Mein Lieblingslord! Er sieht aus, als ob man ihn gerade geweckt hat.^^ Vll die kleine Motte Links unten? Oder versucht er sie in seinem Netz zu fangen? :D
Und Dumah... auch sehr schnuffig. njam 
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Yay! Mal jemand, der Zephon mag! :D
Der arme Kerl kriegt viel zu wenig Fanliebe.

Stimmt, er sieht wirklich aus, als hätte man ihn gerade geweckt. War gar nicht beabsichtigt, aber jetzt, wo du's sagst... ^^
Wollte ihn eigentlich inmitten seiner Sammlung zeigen, aber so wirklich aufs Papier hat's nur die kleine Motte geschafft.
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Wie kann man ihn nur nicht lieben? Das Kerlchen ist doch so schnuggelig und interessant. Die meisten meiner Charas stammen von ihm ab. ;P

Vll schläft er ja auch inmitten seiner Sammlung? Bei ihm weiß man doch nie, woran man ist.^^
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OMFG! :heart: ////////u///////// :heart: Dat Dumah...HEHEHE ;) Excellent work! :)
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You're welcome :)
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I've always hated Dumah, you cannot make me like him now!
...damn, he's beautiful 😣
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wow very cool sketches from ZephonDeviantArt :) (Smile) :D (Big Grin) deviantART +fav I think I've fainted. Heart I think I've fainted. Nod Love 
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thanks, sweety! ^^
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Oh, they look so handsome! I wanna see full body pics of them at some point. :-)
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thank you! :)
ah...let's see ;)
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Very nice work!
Instant love for them!
Aswell as fav. for this work,haha
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Oh shit! Unicorns! I think I'm breaking out in hives hahaha! But seriously this is great! I especially like how Dumah came out! You keep trying with the unicorns - some more great LoK sketches might come out!Love 
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yeah! There are just two days left and four more brothers and Lord Kain - what could go wrong! :D :D :D

happy you like it! :) :hug:
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I'm lying in wait for the Lord Turel heheheheeee~~~~
CharletDukaine's avatar
uh! :D  that's not gonna be easy but...
challenge accepted! :)
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I'm gonna take Zeph with me, mkay? :3 :D
Well done! Insta fav ;)
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hahahaha! :D
just remember to bring him back or his spider collection will go looking for their master ;)

glad you like it! thanks! :)
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Oh let them come... that's even funnier :D ;)
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