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page 14

page 14 :)

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pencils and pigment liners, adapted and lettering in Photoshop CS2

link to original page in german is here

inspired by the Legacy of Kain-Game series
original characters belong to Eidos and Crystal Dynamics
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Will wissen wies weiter geht! ^^
CharletDukaine's avatar
Das wollen alle! :D
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Hahha, awesome! :) Never thougth that Zephon could be sooo evil ;p HEHEHE
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Zephon, you marvelous asshole <3
CharletDukaine's avatar
hahaha! :D
he definitely has fun out there ^^

thanks for comment! :)
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Oooooh, it makes me wonder what will come out of this >3
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yay lok comic is back!
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Awesome art once again. I'm glad to see you're working on the comic again and I can't wait for the next page. :) 
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Corpse: "The f**k wants this guy?"

Wonderful art! :3
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Ahahahahaha! :D
Yes! I guess this corpse/guy didn't know what hit him.
Poor fellow!

Thanks for commenting! :)

btw like your "Cathullu" :XD:
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I'm so in love with this!! Such a good depiction of Zephon 
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thank you so much!
I'm happy you like it :)
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wow cool Zephon perfect comic collage cool storyDeviantArt :) (Smile) :D (Big Grin) deviantART +fav I think I've fainted. Heart I think I've fainted. Love I am a dummy! 
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Ah, Zephon is my absolute favourite for plot twists! Hmm. Evil plotting in progress. And for jokes. Devilish Also I think he's gay hehehe.
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Thanks luv! :hug:

let's see Wink/Razz 
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this guy just gets creepier with every new page XD 
CharletDukaine's avatar
nah! he's actually a nice guy... just ... different :D :D :D
portuguesedevil's avatar
well, you know that's what they say about serial killers. They are "different" lol XD but i love your comic. continue being awesome
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