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Now That. Was. A. Piece. Of. Work. :o (Eek) 
Had the first try in the final stage of shading, looked at it, decided it was crap and dumped it.
Changed the whole paneling and everything and started over.

After two years of no touching any pencil it took my whole soundtrack and goth music collection to keep me going :D
But nevertheless - damn! It felt so good to draw again! I am a dummy! 

Special thanks to my friend (who left DA) for crucial help in the lettering stage. Thanks so much, dear! :heart:

And some special greetings to :iconprasetu:, because she waited so long for Zephon to show up! :hug: :heart:

pencils and pigment liners; adapted and lettering in Photoshop CS2

Link to the german version.

Enjoy! :)

inspired by the Legacy of Kain-Game series
All original characters belong to Eidos and Crystal Dynamics
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:heart: Please...continue :3
CharletDukaine's avatar
already working on it ^^
Herisheft's avatar
Great ^.^ I really love how and where this is going :)
Tiki83's avatar
Damn, I've missed you and your work! :3
CharletDukaine's avatar
thank you ^^
happy you still like it! :)
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very cool comic love it your sketches from Raziel & ZephonDeviantArt :) (Smile) deviantART :happybounce: Clap :D (Big Grin) 
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You're Baaacckkk~
Is it alright if I BOOST THIS on tumblr through my Zephon blog?
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thank you!
No problem, go ahead! ^^
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its good to see you posting again,I missed your artwork!!

looking forward to the next page you put out <3
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Oh you! You sure you haven't secretly practiced all this time? It's great! You haven't lost any drawing skill, in the contrary I think you've gotten even better! 
Aaand I suspect Zephon is behind all this(well not personally) and he's plotting against Razy!
Can't wait for next page! :squee: 
CharletDukaine's avatar
I know it sounds stupid and arrogant, but I haven't. ^^"
But I was astonished and not to say relieved, that it worked that well :o (Eek)
Maybe over all those years I simply became more patient in shading, even if the rocks were a pain! I think I've fainted.

Haha, I won't tell anything! Wink/Razz 
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Your shading is beautiful and I love Zephon's panel.
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Endlich geht's weiter!
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