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eventuell nicht ganz so unterschaetzt

Wink/Razz Wink/Razz Wink/Razz

asked him to let his hair down... fan service... you know...
sittin' in one of his slave pens now... I'm gonna die here... drowning :dead: 

(get me outta here!!!! heeeeeeelp! Waaaah! )

Character from the Legacy of Kain series and belongs to EIDOS and Crystal Dynamics
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Wow, cool. Ich bin immer wieder beeindruckt, wie toll du zeichnen kannst.
Turel ist dir wirklich gelungen :happybounce: Love 
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Schön mal wieder was von dir zu sehen ;)
*sollte hier öfter mal Stalken*
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hehe ^^
nur zu!
Schön, mal wieder was von dir zu hören!

(Frohes Neues noch! :) )
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Wow Turel! Sehr schnuggelig, seine Lordschaft. Und ein schöner nachdenklicher Gesichtsausdruck. Plant er etwas?^^
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Nö, ich denke, er sieht sich einfach kurz in seiner Nachdenklichkeit gestört (finde ja eher, dass er etwas genervt aussieht ^^)
Wenn er was plant, dann wahrscheinlich, wie man noch effizienter die böse Sonne da oben verwinden lässt :D

Danke für deinen Kommentar! :)
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Ja, der Junge gönnt sich keine Ruhe. dann wäre es kein Wunder, wenn er genervt ist.^^ Aber auch ein Clanlord braucht mal Pause. Nicht, dass er sich noch überarbeitet. :D
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and..oh hello, hottie! :heart: /////Q////// :heart:

haha, now talkin' seriously..your style is super awesome!!! :)
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Hehe, no rpoblem! :)
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hehehe ^^
Danke dir! :hug:
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Hey there, big brother :3
Don't know why, I've always thought of him as the responsible one...
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thanks! :)

well, Raziel calls him that in SR2 and I read it somewhere else (but don't ask me, where ^^")
you're welcome dear :3
I can't wait to see more :heart:
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Lord Tureeeeel~~~~ Aaaaa~~~~ If you haven't guessed until now he's my fav! hehehehee  I hope he has at least some small part in the comic! You did great with this, he looks very responsible as he should! Love Thank you!Hug 
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:hug: :D
waaaa! It was you comment I was waiting for! :happybounce: 
So happy you like it!

Ah! I have to admit, that I guessed it would be Zephon at first, but when I re-read you comic (part 1), I knew it was Turel ^^
Me too, sees him as a responsible clan patriarch, maybe being way too often really annoyed with his brothers :D :D :D

(I'm afraid I have to try your patience some more, dear ._. because the actual comic focusses on the events about Raziel and Zephon, mainly Zephon. Rest of the brothers will get their own stories in further comic sequels)
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wow cool pic from Turel amazing face love it the sketch from himDeviantArt :) (Smile) :D (Big Grin) deviantART +fav I think I've fainted. Heart I think I've fainted. Hug Love I am a dummy!  
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