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Rahabhim W.I.P.

this is so old! :XD: about 7 years or even more!
Rahab with one of his...well I guess he just snatched the next pretty girl for this evening. Probably doesn't even know her name...or perhaps he does. who knows :D
at least he knows how to have a good time.
I imagine this scene in an era when humans are nothing more than an interim amusement...or food...and domesticated slaves. like animals. And the empire is sinking into decadence.

I really really like this and always wanted to complete it but now I just see mistakes.
So I guess I'll start this over.

Sorry for the black background, but the original file is lost :(

...and if some prude staff member demands mature content for this I'm going crazy... :rage: 

inspired by Legacy of Kain game series
Character Rahab belongs to Eidos and Crystal Dynamics
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Looks awesome so far :) Keep it up ^.^
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thank you! :) I will!
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Awesome :)

I was wondering if you would be up for art-trade sometime ^^
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yeah! I'd like to try that! :) :happybounce: 
never did ._.
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wohoo, Rahab always thought was rather cute =s
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^^ thank you!

yes, to be honest, he my favourite from the lieutenants :D
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Find him charming looking =p
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*bangs hand on table*
This is the quality content I wish to see!
More Lieutenants! More Concubines and consorts! More Humans!

At any rate I think the lady here is a human from your description's context.
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thanks! :)

I don't want to crush illusions but she is a rahabhim vampire. And quite an old one too.
I cut the edges of this piece so you can't see it but she has the evolved claws and feet of the older kainites.
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Aw man, I'm a dork. I completely forgot to look at her hands, too. XD
Still. More anyone in the series!
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wow cool love i the pic amazing coloration perfectly RahabDeviantArt :) (Smile) :D (Big Grin) =P (Razz) I think I've fainted. Heart I think I've fainted. Huggle! deviantART +fav :happybounce: Giggle Love 
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sometimes starting over can be a great thing but I think this piece is fantastic :)

why should raziel get all the pretty girls anyway? :XD:
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thank you! :)

indeed :XD:
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