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This is Pachenko a big update from my last theme Tavaris, many images have been redone this theme now have glass windows frame (if u don't like glass frame use "Tavaris").

To make a Dark theme work right I have to edit a lot of DLL files and I'm sharing those files too, is up to you if like to use those files or not.

You have 3 shell32 files to choose:
4- if you like to use Buff icons you will have to use the "imageres.dll" file too.

[How to install]

1.User Account Control must be turned off.
2.make a restore point before any modification.
3. Install Universal Theme Patcher [link] and restart pc.
4.Install Theme Resource Changer....[link]
5. Copy everything in themes folder into C:\Windows\Resources\Themes.
6.Add take ownership to menu...[link]
7. Install fonts.
8.Replace all the "DLL FILES" you like to use ( you will find instructions inside each folder).

Be careful if you have a 64bit system: 64bit FILES GO INSIDE "SYSTEM 32" FOLDER AND 32bit FILES GO INSIDE "SysWOW64" FOLDER.

Before make any modification an complain to me, Google how a 64bit system works and you will understand, I am not responsible if ur system crash that's why you need to make a restore point as I said before.

BUGS: Some app like browsers(Firefox, Internet Explorer) use windows background color so you will get black text on black background, i know is not functional every dark theme have this bug i cant't do nothing to fix it ..... My advice! use Google Chrome to avoid this bug .

-Wucltux.dll: This file remove the gradient from "Windows Update" and add new buttons on the left pane,
this will make Windows Update work with any theme dark or light.

-Systemcpl.dll ,WinSATAPI.dll and PerfCenterCPL.dll: these files control the setting for:All Control Panel Items and Performance Information and Tools.
Remove some unwanted info like: "What do this numbers mean", "Tips for improving your computer's perfomance" and all the links from "Perfomance Center", and set the background under "base score" same as control panel making this work with dark or light themes.

-imageres: windows icons.

-shell32: icons and some new explorer proprieties like: no thumbnails at Details pane.

-gameux: new background for game rating.

-timedate: new clock.

-explorerframe: back and forward buttons.

Icons from Mattahan Buff [link]

Start orb [link]

Token icons [link]

-Thanks to PandaX MR Grim and 3am for all the help.

All Artwork is Copyright © Charleston2378... 2008/2012.

Notice — You can post a direct link to this page where you want, but you can't host the file because is property of the author respect others people works.
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Muito bom, parabéns!!! >_-

I can't believe it's 2020 and I've just found this. Thank you for all the work you must have put into it. Truly wonderful!!

When you open any window that used to be white background (e.g., notepad, explorer, control panel), it opens in the original color(white) then immediately turns gray(takes only about few milliseconds). It looks like a white flash and it kind of ruins the dark theme experience.
Does this happen to everybody?
Only to you.

By  the way thank you a bunch Charleston2378!
I installed Theme Patcher and Theme Resource Changer, then replaced Systemcpl.dll, WinSATAPI.dll and PerfCenterCPL.dll, basically did everything in the description, but my control panel's top section and side panel doesn't become dark.

Also, I'm running a Japanese version of Win7 64bit, and I like the Ubuntu font for the English characters, but I want to choose a different font for the Japanese characters. Is there a way to do this?

Thanks for the great theme.
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can you make this for windows 10 latest update
Seriously brilliant - thanks a million for the share. Would greatly appreciate a link to the background if available - looks stunning from the little I can see.
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Hi, I like your theme very much BUT there is a problem with almost every dark theme with Office. How can I can apply this theme but that the Office stay intact?
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I guess there's no chance for a version with smiller sides (I mean slimmer border around the windows
Love your theme, but it has some strange issues with total commander - it won't let TC increase the font size in tab labels and system buttons, every time you'd change the font size it'll increase the size of the buttons instead and move text on the buttons to left. This isn't happening with any other themes that I've tried so far.
Sir, the link to the wallpaper gives a "404" not found on server.  Might want to look into it.  Otherwise it is a great theme.  Thanks.
The wallpaper is there a link for it?   Otherwise, great work...easy to read.  Thank you.
what is the skin of the dock?
Do you have a link to the wallpaper? Wallbase is offline, 404'd.
hey cant download Install Theme Resource Changer as not on that  blog no  more where can i get this had it on win7 will that 1 work on win8.1 pro

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Resources changer don´t work on Windows 8 or 8.1 
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Your opening post says this is for Win7, right?
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Thanks again....
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This is exactly the kind of theme i was looking for
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Hey! Been using this for a While on my Win7 PC now, and it's great.

I was wondering if this works on Win8?
Best theme I've ever seen.

My only gripe is with the selected items within folders. The clear box around each selected item is tough to see IMO. If they were tinted almost any color, that would help tremendously (I do a lot of copying/pasting). I would like to change them, but I cant figure out what they're called.

From what I gather, editing the images manually is the only way to change the color. I believe I would need to use Restorator to find the images, then I could change the color with Gimp. I'm confident I could do this myself, if I only knew what files to modify. Any chance you can help me out with this Charleston2378?

For clarification, folders 2 and 3 are selected in the following image. I want to change the color of the box around each folder.…
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