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City of Phoenix logo (Philomeena edition)

I modified the logo from the city of Phoenix, AZ to look like Princess Celestia's pet Phoenix, Philomeena. Coincidence?
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Hi I have taken ownership of this logo as the original owners copyright expired so it now belongs to me. See proof here:

Anybody found infringing my copyright will be sued. Stop sending me hate mail. 
Hi, I am a student from the phoenix school of discovery and I was wondering if you could make us a logo for our t-shirts.
Hello, I'm searching for a logo for our WoT clan, is it okay if we use this as logo? 
P.S. great work!
I thought that this was the real Phoenix logo and that it was just a coincidence that it looks just like Philomena (which you misspelled) until 20 minutes ago. And I've lived in Phoenix for four years and I joined Bronies of Phoenix last October. How embarrassing...
Hey, I use the in-game name "phoenix" and i'm gonna start my youtube channel soon. I've the black, green and white color scheme in mind.. Can I modify the color scheme of this logo and use it on my YT channel with proper credits to you?
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nice i LIEKS it :D
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As a proud Arizonian I love this
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are you by any chance in the Bronies of Phoenix? If not we need to talk
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That's one coincidence... this one reminds me of Japan Airlines' tsurumaru logo.
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hah-hah our immagration shit is the only thing that keeps Arizona on the map, that and maybe Alice Cooper.
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I have to admit, it looks quite a bit better than the real one.
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Yeah, I hope Sethisto features this in the next Drawfriend. He DOES live in Phoenix, too!
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Now that would be cool. :)
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looks like the rebel symbol from star wars.
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I though exactly the same... =P
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