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Vagabond Ahsoka

I hope they bring her back at some point...   
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Getting a Musashi style journey of self discovery for Ahsoka!?!?

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I really like the technique :O
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Hi Charles, just wanted to let you know that "Vagabond Ahsoka" was featured in our weekly Fan Art Friday last week -…

Keep up the excellent work! :-)
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Thanks very much for the feature!
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God damnit thats so cool
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how do you do that with the coloring? O_o
...I wonder if I should try copying this sometime to try figuring it out (if that's okay).
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She's back, and she's as awesome as ever! :)
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The real question is, did she live to be in the next movie?
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maybe sometimesery well done, best Ahsoka of this month :)
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I love this so much I cant even *___*
very cool! Clap 
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I hope this image gets used in Rebels - at least, if she is in it.    It doesn't seem like Filoni would waste his good character but we shall see.  Liked the sense of movement you gave her, and the determination.
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I could picture her like this just coming out in the middle of Rebels: "I sense a presence..." Lovely!
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This is... This is amazing! :jawdrop: rvmp
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Great, great!

Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap 
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One of the most amazing female characters in Star Wars.
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