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Sabine Wren

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Awesome work. Hope we get her story searching for Mandalor's new leader at some point 
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Good work;) (Wink) Ya know finally she told the WHOLE TRUTH to her story!:| (Blank Stare) I tell ya Sabine's family & people have lost their MANDALORIAN HONOR when they chose the DAMN EMPIRE instead of her!!!Facepalm 
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I called it back when they first announced Rebels and revealed her as a character. Sabine Wren will get the darksaber. Glad to see I was right. :)
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Great job, hope Sabine gets to do more in season 3.
She definitely has and will, after she gets this she will meet her dad.
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Mom's coming first, apparently...
Adopted mom, I think.
Dark saber+Sabine= HOLY #$5s hunter girl
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I really hope she gets to keep the Dark Saber
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This is quite good
I like this character. you make her more adult here, no? Good piece 
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*waits impatiently for Season 3*
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