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Ahsoka Lives

Love SW:Rebels, can't wait for season 2, so glad to see Ahsoka again! La la la la 
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Finally, fanart that isn’t porn, hentai, or both

May use this for cover art on a fan fiction on Wattpad? I will give you full credit of course.

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Omg yes! Her demeanor and stance is amazinggg
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that is one intense look on her face, those eyes man. Snips has grown up and is even more badass 
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That is awesome!
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Wow, good job on this.  Ahsoka is so badass!!  :D (Big Grin) 
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You shouldn't go spreading spoilers around!!!
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Pretty and cool!
This looks amazing, can you maybe make a bigger version of this to make it usable as a desktop wallpaper? I'd love to have that :)
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Ahsoka is certainly one of my favorite characters in the Star Wars saga! I've also made a fanart of her in the manga style if you check my gallery!
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Happy Star icon Heart 3D Beautiful... just beautiful! Excellent work!Favorites Icon 3D Fav fella (Badge) 
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She looks like such a bad ass here. I was super happy to see her back. :)
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Love the lighting!
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This is gorgeous!
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Very well done! I didn't even realize Ahsoka was in the Rebel series! Now I will have to watch it :D
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This art is so great!!!
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I have a feeling this is going to get shared like crazy now.

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Ahsoka! <3 <3 <3 <3
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I have not seen Rebels yet, but it is good to see a grown up Ahsoka.
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