Surreal Art Interpretation Competition (update)

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Artist Charles Nissen proudly presents the Surreal Art Interpretation Competition.

Current surrealists and up and coming surreal artists are invited to submit artistic interpretations of classic surreal pieces from historic surreal artists. The Winning pieces will be published in the full color surrealism book I am currently writing. :work: All participants are encouraged to write a brief passage, explaining or defending their interpretation of the chosen artwork. These will also be published in the book, with full credit to the artists. The best piece will also be integrated into the cover art of the volume, and the runner-up piece will be included on the back cover.

Please Note: I expect a large number of submissions for artists like Dali, René Magritte, and André Breton. . . I would like to represent as many artists as possible, and your odds of being published should be greatly increased by interpreting a work from a lesser-known figure from the surrealist movement.

I will be seeking a small panel of volunteer judges, and encourage prize donations from generous souls, surreal clubs and :community: organizations.

Competition details will be continually updated at this journal entry.

The following email has been set-up for all submissions:

Due to printing limitations, all final images should be a maximum of 9” high by 7” wide, and 300 dpi. ( 2700px X 2100px) If your images are smaller then this they will be printed at the maximum size that maintains 300dpi. With your submission, please include the following:

Your complete name
A valid email where you can be contacted
The name of the artist's work you are interpreting
The title of the artwork you are interpreting
The title of your original Artwork
Your brief essay describing you interpretation

The deadline is 11:59pm August 27 (Man Ray's Birthday), 2009 mountain standard time.

  :spotlight-left:  Only 4 Days left until the Deadline!  :spotlight-right:

Our well qualified judges are:

:below: Gromyko Padilla Semper

:below: Joe MacGown

My efforts to recruit volunteers for prizes have failed; however, I will be giving a one month feature for First and Second place, as well as a 3 month DA Subscription for First place.

Stat Tuned! :teevee:

dA stamp: Inspired by... -001- by oddmodout . .The Surreal Arts Stamp. by the-surreal-arts . SurrealSociety Stamp by PunkyB .

CLUBS: :painter:

:iconthe-surreal-arts: . :iconpainters: . :iconsurrealismclub: . :iconsurrealsociety: . :iconcloseup-photography:
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gromyko's avatar
all i could do to help is to feature the winners in an article with an essay about their works

regards my friend

CharlesNissen's avatar
Thank you my friend. I will be in touch.
deviantlySurreal's avatar
I can do a feature in the magazine of the winners for you.
gloriagypsy's avatar
I have emailed my entry, can I also upload it to my account here?
CharlesNissen's avatar
Feel free to post it on deviantArt :hug:
gloriagypsy's avatar
blacksheephybrid's avatar
is this has to be traditional work only?
CharlesNissen's avatar
No, All media accepted!
chris10belgium's avatar
Great ! If i can, i join the contest. :)
chris10belgium's avatar
Okay, it'll be my first job. :) Thank you !
Adflictus's avatar
This sounds very promising and fun. I'd like to join it. When will it start, and do we also need to send a link for the image we are interpretating?
"The title of your original Artwork" do you mean a piece of our won works or the one which we are interpretating? Im just curious.
CharlesNissen's avatar
Because of the high resolution required for printing, I set up that special yahoo email just for the competition. I need you to email it because the first step is quality control before it goes to the appropriate judges.

It has already started, and a link to the artwork you are interpreting would save me a lot of time looking them up. I may add that to the rules on my next update. And I need the names of both works.

Let me know if you have any more question. I'm sure that I have not thought of everything.
gromyko's avatar
thank you for being involved my friend and thanks for making me a judge
Deborah-Valentine's avatar
WOW! that sounds like a lot of fun!
CharlesNissen's avatar
I hope so. I'd like my first attempt at writing a book to be successful. And thanks for the watch :crazy:
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