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so if i wanted to record a job i'm working on, what's the best way to do that? and then is there a way to edit it after with me explaining what i did? thinking of doing some instructional videos. thanks.


I know I haven't posted in awhile but it's been a roller coaster. I was preparing for back to back conventions, superman celebration and Heroes con that was this past weekend. both required travel and then working the actual shows. I debated not going at all to either as my older brother passed away in his sleep 2 weeks prior to the superman celebration and my family was in shambles. he was only 47. I hope you don't think I'm fishing for attention and/or sympathies, just explaining my absence. however, your thoughts and prayers are appreciated. I'm still trying to wrap my head around it.

I just finished up with heroes con today and will be on my way home soon. I'm exhausted as hell. I need a couple of days to rest and then I'm going to try to get back to a routine. I have things to do.

you may notice a shift in my priorities as far as my art. I want to continue Skyward and create some new art for sketchbooks and collections to sell and also do other projects as I have time. I've been trying to cut back on my local clients to allow me to pursue my projects but it will leave a financial strain on me. I may be offering commissions real soon. I'd rather be doing those anyway.

anyway, thank you for your continued support and i'll be back in the swing of things soon. take care.

- Charles

i'll still be posting on here and other sites, but the main drive will be on the new site. I just opened it so there's a lot I need to do after I come back from the convention this weekend. stay tuned.

I've noticed a huge surge in the past 24 hours of favs, adds to collections and supportive comments on the lantern work and a few other pieces. I don't know what started it but thank you all for the support!



I don't expect people to kiss my ass, feed into me ego (which I don't really have one) or fall all over themselves to get to me or treat me any differently than any other artist or hell, any other person on this Earth but ya know, I would love a little reassurance that what i'm doing is worth my time. yes, I do it because I enjoy it first and foremost but when it comes to some things, I need to know if you think it's good, great, it sucks, whatever. I want to know i'm going in the right direction and need to go forward with what I believe i'm set on this planet to do or should I pack it up and go work for best buy (no offence to anyone working there or anywhere else that isn't your own business). as artists, writers, whatever, we put our hearts and souls into our work and it's a little discouraging to get such an underwhelming response.

i'm I a bad artist? do my ideas suck? am I a bad guy? do I give off a bad vibe that makes me unapproachable?

personal responsibilities (mostly financial) are prolly what's making these feelings of inadequacy surface. I need to move forward with my life and I don't want to give up. I just need to know I'm doing is the right thing so I can stick it out.

sorry for the debby downer moment. I usually don't post stuff like this in a public forum but i'm posting my art and that's the same as expressing myself verbally. I'm putting myself out there for praise or scrutiny alike, so why not voice my concerns.... at least this one time. and this doesn't include my friends. they've been supportive and great. this is for the broader audience.

trying to stay positive,

Here's the link to purchase a copy of the mini-comic, "Attack of the Reptile Gang". Your support and feedback is appreciated!


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Ok gang, Skyward would like to say thank you for joining our little town for it's zanny weekly comic strips! Now it's time to step it up a big notch. From today, April 1st until June 30th at midnight central time, 2013, there will be a campaign to gain 1,000 likes for this page! All you have to do is "like" a post or new strip as they appear on the page (starting with this post) and your name will go into a random drawing 1 (one) time. For each time you "share" a new post or strip (starting with this post), you get 5 (five) entries into the drawing. I will keep tabs on everyone's activity and at the end of the campaign, all entries will be randomly drawn from using a program. 15 winners will receive a full color sketch card of your favorite Skyward character. 1 winner will get a full color 9"x12" drawing of up to any 2 Skyward characters together of their choosing. The grand winner will have a GUEST APPEARANCE in a future Skyward strip and will receive and full color digital print of the strip! What's cool is you can choose your powers too! All drawn and signed by creator Charles Ettinger. This applies to facebook activity only.

I wanted to include an option for sharing the page itself, but not sure I can track that with the privacy settings some people have. Plus I don't want anyone getting into trouble for spamming. Not to say I wouldn't appreciate if you did suggested the page to your friends, but I don't want myself or anyone else getting into trouble for going overboard. Share responsibly!

The only stipulation for the grand prize winner is anyone who participates and wins the big prize understands that they have given me, Charles Ettinger, permission to use their likeness in a publication and that I retain all rights and privileges of said strip. If you still want to participate in the drawing but are not interested in being in the strip, another name will be drawn if your name comes up and you will get 1 of the other prizes instead. Thank you all and let's reach 1,000 likes together!

All content Charles Ettinger.

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ok guys, i'm calling in a favor. for those following the strip, please share it. if you haven't "liked" it, please do. if it's not your cup of tea, i'd still appreciate the shares and support. you never know who will like it. thank you so much everyone... and especially you. :)!/TheTownOfS…

is anyone interested in commissions Skyward style?
sometimes i wish i could give more to the people around me in need. what i can give is time and talent to help raise funds. i have done a pin up piece which is currectly on ebay. all proceeds will go to the police fund for fallen officer Officer Martoiya Lang's family. she was a mother of 4 girls. if you are interested in this piece, please bid. you can also go to this page for more donation information:….

thank you.

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well boys and girls, it's time to get this town started! i will be updating the site every sunday and your support is greatly appreciated! check it out!

here's the link:

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in the near future, you'll be seeing more of my original works including stuff from MID-CITY KNIGHTS. your feedback and support is appreciated. :)
i've heard about this site and thought i'd join the fun! i will be adding art soon, so stay tuned!