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Lucius The Eternal

By CharlesEJD
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Champion of The Emperors Children and Favoured of the Slaanesh gods. Lucius The Sion of Chronos 
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Amazing details, cool artwork.

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emps children models soon, boys.

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Wow! Amazing indeed. Evocative and well-crafted. It looks 40k all right, and good to boot! Besides, Lust Daemon concept in case of interest:
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Thank you Crowe!
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More like Lucius the Freaky. I don't appreciate the way he's looking at me.

In any case...excellent fucking job!
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How do you kill someone like Lucius the Eternal who truly can't be killed?
Your works great man i dont understand how you dont have  many views. Truely nice work.
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Cheers SDGRAPHICS Glad that you like my work. I should probably get it into more groups I suppose to spread the art. Nearly finished on a new piece I started last week. I have some WIPs of it on my Instagram.…
I dont know of any new sites where you could get more coverage maybe fan groups such as discord or yes instagram and such although i dont have an account myself. but yes keep it up.
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What would happen if Lucius committed suicide and really enjoyed it?
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I'm pretty sure he would just come back. In the book Lucius the Eternal he lists some of the ways he has died and just always comes back. Think at one point he was vaporized in a ship when the core blew, but still came back.
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awwyeah lucius the pimp!!
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Excellent work. It's hard to capture the feeling of slaanesh without nudity, but you've done a great job.
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Hey, thank you really appreciate it. Yeah  I had to make it age appropriate so that was a challenge considering the nature of Slaanesh and the Emperors Children.
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