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Queen of Spades

"My, what large spades you have!"

"All the better to bury you with my dear."


So this is partly for the Halloween Portrait Contest: Classical Horror Halloween Contest NOW CLOSEDCONTEST NOW CLOSED, GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE WHO ENTERED WE WILL BEGIN JUDGING IN THE NEXT FEW DAYS!
Bring out your dead side
Ever had that feeling, that a portrait is watching you? No matter where you stand in the room its gaze seems to follow you,.. staring... waiting...
We invite you to join us in making a grand collection of horrific hounds, voluptuous vampires, and ghoulish ghostly portraits this Halloween in best Haunted House style!
Its time to unlock your inner Dorian Grey, and all those other creepy strange ancestors, cousins, uncles, aunts and grannies that the family don't like to talk about!
Even if you aren't normally a model stock provider - or if you don't usually provide stock at all, this is your chance to dip your toe in the murky waters and have a go! Bring out your face paints and props and make a dashing Halloween portrait entry! The more creative you are, the more creative the results of the second half of the contest will be!
This took ages, did everything in Adobe Illustrator. All vector baby - Pen tool and gradients. Had to negotiate it as a portrait, a playing card and a tarot card. I hope it turned out all right.

The Queen:Day of the Dead by LetzteSchatten-stock
Skull: freaksmg-stock - new skull 10 by freaksmg-stock
Flowers: oriental vectors by gtsat
Ace: Ace of Spades Card by Jaaaiiro

Improvement meme: 

Lineart Improvement 

Sequel in the series: Queen of Hearts 

Updated to have the watermark on it. Any good?
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Very cool idea and so wonderfully done Char:heart:
Charlene-Art's avatar
Why thank you my dear :)
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Pleasures all mine dear!!
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very original  piece!!!  Amazing to see!
wisahkecahk's avatar
Exceptional work!!!!!
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Thank you so much!
wisahkecahk's avatar
Your welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Amazing work! :nod:
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Thank you so much! And thank you for adding my work to your faves.
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You're very welcome; have an great 2016 ! :D
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Beautiful illustrationHeart Clap 
Charlene-Art's avatar
Thanks, I really appreciate it!
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You're always welcome! Heart 
Charlene-Art's avatar
Thank you so much for looking at my gallery!
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Really cool. Love the card. 
Charlene-Art's avatar
Thank you very much!
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Love this way cool
Charlene-Art's avatar
Thank you very much!
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Very very  nice keep up the good work!
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