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King of Spade - Drafts

Hi! I wanted to do a sequel piece to my popular Queen of Spades: but I'm struggling to find a concept for the King I like. I kind of wanted to stick to the Mexican Day of the Dead theme I had going on, but with a kingly lord ruler of the dead feel to it. I didn't really want to go for the Grim Reaper exactly because I think that's a bit cliched. So far I'm struggling to like any of my concepts that feel like they capture the air of the original. Can you please offer constructive criticism and help? Or if you know of any good stock of men wearing Day of the Dead make up that would be fantastic too.

Stock used in these concepts left to right so far:

Left Hand: 
mjranum-stock and

Model: skydancer-stock
Ace: Jaaaiiro
Dagger: freaksmg-stock

Right Hand:
Skull: wintersmagicstock charmed-ravenclaw.deviantart.c…
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Personally I like the skull. The teeth and horns, absolutely badass! 
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Thanks for your opinion.
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Hey, #projectcomment commenter here!

Well, let's see...I took a look at the Queen of Spades picture, and I think that a lot of the effect in that one comes from the movement, while all three of these pictures are a bit...static. The middle one has the least movement of all.

As for the leftmost and rightmost, I think that the one on the right is just a little TOO similar to Queen of Spades, as both would be using a skull as the main prop. 

I think the one on the left is closest, but needs a more dynamic pose...something sort of like… or…

Also, even if you don't want to use a strong "Grim Reaper" thing as opposed to "Day-of-the-Dead-King," I think you could get away with a more subtle design that isn't so heavily "Day of the Dead."

Well, I don't really know if that helped, but I hope it did! Good luck! :D
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I totally agree with you. I did have something in mind for a piece with more movement - but I'm saving that one for the Jack of Spades. Designing males in a card series is difficult because you need two that are quite different to each other. For the King I want something quite regal (hence probably the stiffness that's coming through these designs) and for the Jack I want something a little more boyish. 

Thanks for the stock references! I'll bear them in mind!
Wow, such a creative take on the Grim Reaper as a character on a card game!
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Tough choice but I like the one with the swords.
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Thanks for your input!
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All of your concepts have strong and weak points. Of these three, the left one has the most interesting pose: it's the most dynamic. This resembles your Queen of Spades, who has an interesting non-static pose as well. However, the left concept misses the idea that it's a king and especially not that it's related to Death.
The middle one has an interesting design, many details to look at. I'd say you could go even further with adding details, by adding a (subtle) pattern to his clothes, or something like that. Also, red definitely works well!

However much I like the idea of the middle one, it's the right one I like most. The King holding a skull works absolutely great, but - I have to admit - the pose is kind of static and therefore less interesting to look at. If you could somehow combine the dynamic pose of the first, the detailed design of the second and the mysterious atmosphere of the third, you would have a great concept I think. But I'll guess you'll have to try to be sure about that :)

I hope this is in any way helpful!

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Heh heh thanks! I'll figure it out eventually :P
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Often quite difficult to find exactly what you are looking for. The project looks to be fun though.
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Awe, thanks for your thoughts. At the moment the project feels a bit constrained since I can't seem to find what I'm looking for though.
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