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Hey guys thanks for stopping by on this page. I have a huge variety of works from literature, traditional art, photography and photomanipulation. Feel free to throw in your two cents about what you think. I'd love to hear your opinions.

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This is a really interesting piece of work. As a thumbnail I could read the words pretty clearly but taking a closer look the words bec...

:iconprojectcomment: This was an intriguing piece - which is why I clicked on it. I like all the detail you have. I can imagine the feeling of this passag...

Feature for the Multicultural Fairy Tales Contest:
Multicultural Fairy Tales: RESULTSThe judges have deliberated and the results are in.  Thank you to everyone who entered - it helped make my birthday a happy one.  You can read all entries here.  I was especially pleased to see so many people making use of lesser-known tales.
With no further ado, here are the winners of my Multicultural Fairy Tales contest.
by :iconsaartha:
A retelling of Jack and Beanstalk (English) and Ghatotkacha, from the Mahabharata (Hindu).
saartha will win:
1500 points from Points Pool
Critique from LiliWrites
Custom poem or flash fiction from JessaMar
Journal features from LiliWrites, JessaMar, YouInventedMe, Asahi-Taichou, and Charlene-Art

1st Place:
Jack and GhatotkachaThere had always been stories of a land of clouds, a land in the sky high above. A place of easy living. Jack had always dreamed about it, with the skeptic hope of destitute little boys. He loved his mother, and she did her best, but the disappearance of his father shortly after he was born meant hardship and struggle.
He spent his time while herding the cows in the fields daydreaming. How he would take his mother there, someday, and live happily together. “I’m a nimble sort,” he bragged to his favorite cow, Milky-White. “When I’m grown, I could jump there. One leap! Right over the chimney, you know, over the town.”
Jack leaped up to demonstrate, managing a foot or so off the ground. The cow chewed her cud politely. “Well,” he said, “You’ll see. I’ll start by jumping over you.” He jumped again, and if Milky-White minded the thump of boy against her flank, she was too genteel to say.
The years passed and soon Jack w
 by saartha

2nd Place:
The boy who drew a life in the woods"What are you up to?"
It was the first memory Nik had of his mother.
A toddler on her lap, he reached for her pen with one chubby hand. Heike smiled indulgently as she let him take it, watching him grip it in his tiny fist. She expected him to do what all children his age did, stick it in his mouth. The other mothers in the doctor's waiting room watched as well, many with judgment in their eyes, waiting for the coming disaster of ink everywhere.
"Ms. Branton?" The nurse surprised her, finally calling them. Heike followed, carrying her son into the pastel examination room. "Still not talking?" The woman ran a hand over Nik's blonde hair in sympathy.
"The test results...Is he okay?" Heike couldn't hide her concern.
"The doctor will see you, shortly," the nurse assured. "Until then, you can read the pamphlets." The woman gestured to the stack Heike held in one hand and left, closing the door behind her.
Sitting, Heike saw the booklets were now covered in ink. ADHD, autism, and a whole gam
 by ErlenmeyerKat

3rd Place: 

Kago, The Wicked Young Man    Once, on the outskirts of a small village there lived a man, Hiroshi, and his wife, Hanako. Hiroshi and Hanako were a kind and generous folk and living with them were Hiroshi's nephew, Kago, and his wife Saori. Now Kago was neither kind nor generous. Kago was a lazy, greedy, lustful man who could never be satisfied with what he was given in life. Each morning Hiroshi would announce that he was going hunting to feed the family and would ask Kago to join him. Each morning Kago would feign illness or claim some business far afield. Hiroshi would shake his head at the laziness of young men and go hunting alone.
    Though Kago had a wife of his own, one lovely and dutiful, he could not help wanting more. Each morning when Hiroshi would leave to hunt, Kago would pursue his love of Hanako, writing love poems and slipping them under her door. Hanako, upon seeing these poems, would shake her head at the greediness of young men and go about her day. Saori, would spend he
 by SubjugatedSandwich

Congratulations to all the winners!


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Finally got over my hatred of self-portraits! How I wished I looked on Halloween!

I am a hobbyist artist although to make a living from my art is the dream. Please feel free to check out my Red Bubble account below!

Journal History


My Neighbour Toothless
For me personally the dynamic duo will always be Toothless and Hiccup.  Here’s a throwback back to the beginning when it was just Hiccup and Toothless. The composition was inspired by 'My Neighbour Totoro’ but changed a bit to reflect Hiccup and Toothless’s relationship.

Tried to improve this from a previous rendition and altered the grass and the campfire a bit. Not much has really changed though.


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