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You take a
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castle [link]
Some Renaissance Figures by
checkered floor[link]
Some SXC.HU birds and this is what you get:)
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digimagicnb's avatar the frame within a frame idea
mystiphied's avatar
makes me smile, they were so smug and happy in their little world within a world-"and yet, it is round".
chark-o-broiled's avatar
The title gives you the feel of something really old or way back in years.
I do like this one, frame and all:)

SplendidDuck's avatar
that is a way cool photo manipulation! :) love it :nod:
chark-o-broiled's avatar
Thanx so much:)
Glad you find it so nice.
Way cool, now thats for the winter.LOL

CausticStock's avatar
Hey H .....

Like what ya done here .. love the colour cast you got on the stonework thats so cool .. just a lil thrown by the mix of time periods you got here .. looks like a re-enactment meet LOL .... wonderfuly sureal ... Love the frame within a frame .. really nice work as always ..

Thanks for the stock usage :)
chark-o-broiled's avatar
UR so very welcome.
You always are so elliquint with your comments.
I think I owe you a pint:) cheers
As always(bows down to the thought)
Thanx Caustie:)

CausticStock's avatar
Oooo a pint :) *buys plane ticket*
chark-o-broiled's avatar
Hi Bernie
Thanx for the :+fav:
Great stock you supply
Thanx for sharing them:)

Running-to-Paradise's avatar
Absolutely GORGEOUS! I had this sort of manipulation in mind when I took the ren photos and you brought it to life. Wish I had your talent!!!

chark-o-broiled's avatar
Howdy Pligrim
Thanx so much for the Journal feature.
Thats awesome
Im really impressed with your reacton to my dev:)
Thanx for your great stock shots. there are only a few of those kind of shots around these parts and I liked them as soon as I saw them.
Thanx for the :+fav: also

We'll cya soon

takuminanashi-stock's avatar
Love the way you put it together. :D
chark-o-broiled's avatar
Thanx so much :hug: Heather
Glad you like it

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This is really great my friend :clap:
chark-o-broiled's avatar
Thanx so much Mariline:hug:
You always make me feel so good:)

Your the :star:

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very surreal piece, i love the idea here, the colour scheme is amazing and the detail is excellent, very impressed with the 17th/18th century look, love the how one scene is over lapping another, its a bit like a world within a world, great piece indeed, :+fav:
chark-o-broiled's avatar
Thanx so much for the :+fav: and neat comment.
I really enjoyed it:)

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