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Marisa and Flandre Cosplay by Charizard632 Marisa and Flandre Cosplay :iconcharizard632:Charizard632 6 7 I Finally Did It by Charizard632 I Finally Did It :iconcharizard632:Charizard632 4 4
My Sonic OC Bio- Father
My Sonic Fan Character
Name: Wayne
Species: Fox
Eye Color: Pink
Color: Yellow
Birthdate: July 15, 1975
Family: Wife, Mother, Father, 3 Brothers, 1 Sister, 1 Daughter
Likes: Work, Reading, The Bible, Classical Music
Dislikes: Things against the Word of Wisdom, profanity
Religion: Mormon, LDS
Friends: Some alliances
Rivals: A few minor rivalries
Abilities: All of his abilities are gone at the age of 21, because he did not use them all. He wasn't mad about it.
Appearance: Tall, handsome, modest, wears a business suit
Bio: Wayne is a fox that values good morals. In 1994, he was asked to go on a mission. He decided not to use his abilities. The results were successful as it ended in 1996. At that point, Wayne lost all of his abilities. After that, Wayne took college to get his PH-D. In 2000, Martha met Wayne. They got along with each other, and they were married on January 4, 2001. He found a good house to live in. He earned his PH-D in 2010. Today, he owns a bank.
:iconcharizard632:Charizard632 0 0
My Sonic OC Bio- Mother
My Sonic Fan Character
Name: Martha
Species: Fox
Eye Color: Blue
Color: Pink
Birthdate: November 1, 1979
Family: Husband, Mother, Father, 1 Daughter
Likes: Parenting, Safety, Family, Honesty
Dislikes: Danger, Hard Exercise, Cheating, Being Rude
Religion: Mormon, LDS
Friends: Some alliances, Stephen
Rivals: None
Abilities: She has telekinesis. If Katie is ever in a state of danger, she would use telekinesis on her so that she won't escape from her house, except if she's meeting Stephen.
Appearance: Moderately beautiful, wear's a modest dress
Bio: Martha is 5 years younger than her husband, Wayne. They were married in January 5, 2001, when Wayne was 25 and Martha was only 21. Even though they have a 4 year age gap, they share the same standards and have the right elements for a perfect family. When Katie was born in 2005, Martha thought that she was the cutest baby ever and felt really proud! When Stephen knocked on Wayne's house in 2009, Martha didn't trust Stephen at first. When he hon
:iconcharizard632:Charizard632 0 0
Neru and Rin with Top Hats by Charizard632 Neru and Rin with Top Hats :iconcharizard632:Charizard632 0 6
My Sonic OC 2 Bio
My Sonic Fan Character 2
Name: Stephen
Species: Fox
Eye Color: Purple
Color: Purple
Birthdate: September 12, 1997
Family: Mom, Dad, 2 Older Sisters, 7 Pet Chao
Likes: Little Girls, Video Games, Regular Games, Music, Technology, Chao, Cleanliness, Babysitting
Dislikes: Sex, Nudity, Partial Nudity, Suggestive Themes, Violence, Strong Language, Long Waits, Crime, School, Mean People, Bad (evil) foods
Religion: LDS, Mormon
Friends: Katie
Rivals: (None)
Abilities: Rewind time, fast forward time, and stop time.
Appearance: Regular Shirt and Jeans (Shirt and Shorts in summer, Jacket and Shirt in winter)
Phone Number: 555-9428
Bio: Stephen was born to love cute little girls. However, he is not a lolicon, because of his dislikes and religion. He is actually very friendly to most little girls. Stephen is great at using the internet. He is knowledgable of the internet, even though he is 14 years old. He has 2 dream jobs.
1: Elementary School Teacher
2: Any job that has to do with the internet
:iconcharizard632:Charizard632 1 0
2011 Reactions by Charizard632 2011 Reactions :iconcharizard632:Charizard632 0 3 Laura- Alternate Outfit 2 by Charizard632 Laura- Alternate Outfit 2 :iconcharizard632:Charizard632 2 3 Laura- Alternate Outfit 1 by Charizard632 Laura- Alternate Outfit 1 :iconcharizard632:Charizard632 0 0 Laura meets Marisa by Charizard632 Laura meets Marisa :iconcharizard632:Charizard632 0 0 My BannedStory OC by Charizard632 My BannedStory OC :iconcharizard632:Charizard632 1 6 I Oppose Bill S.978 by Charizard632 I Oppose Bill S.978 :iconcharizard632:Charizard632 1 3 Petite Miku V3 and Big Top Hat by Charizard632 Petite Miku V3 and Big Top Hat :iconcharizard632:Charizard632 5 10 Request- Luke OC from kate621 by Charizard632 Request- Luke OC from kate621 :iconcharizard632:Charizard632 1 3
Song Program Idea
Music Idea
For each song, it would have a time restriction. Some songs can only play on shuffle mode in the day, some can only play in the night, some at 7:43:30, and some on Fridays.
For example:
Song 1: Any Time; Any Day
Song 2: Nighttime; Any Day
Song 3: Any Time; Sundays
Song 4: Manual play only
Song 5: 21:00:00-21:54:32; Any Day
Song 6: Any Time; Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays
Song 7: Any Time; Summer, not including Sundays
Song 8: Daytime; Summer
:iconcharizard632:Charizard632 0 0
My Piplup Plushie by Charizard632 My Piplup Plushie :iconcharizard632:Charizard632 0 7


1.] What do you think is cute?

Cute little anime girls with really big hats!

2.] How big of a Touhou fan are you?

I am one of the biggest!

3.] Which other series other than Touhou has awesome music, and there's a lot of techno arranges?

Uhh... Newgrounds?

4.] Which other series other than Touhou has a lot of cute little girls, anime style?

Maybe some random Anime series, I don't know.

5.] How would you feel if a cute little girl followed you all the time? She will NEVER be separated.

That would be kind of creepy. She can see me pee, she will sleep with me, and she will go to high school with me.

6.] Shrinking or Age Regression?

Age regression.

7.] How good is your High School/College/Local Football team?

High School: They are excellent, although they lost their last game last Friday.
College: They are good. They've achieved high popularity because of their 2011 debut.

8.] Your opinion on Weird Al?

He's a good guy. He's my #1 source for funny & casual music.

9.] What does number 9 remind you of?

Cirno! I'm in love with her!

10.] Which fear have you overcame in the past year? The past 3 years? The past 5 years?

Since November 21, 2010, Natural Disasters.
Since November 21, 2008, Music Boxes.
Since November 21, 2006, My Parents.

11.] The hardest boss you've ever fought before?

Kanako Yasaka. I've never beat her on easy!

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