Weekly Journal Feature- Elephants

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I always have been able to relate to elephants in a lot of ways. For one, they're the only species thats like them. They don't really fit into a category like a dog and a wolf would fit into a category together or a zebra and a horse. They kind of don't really fit in anywhere accept with each other. Also, they have an amazing memory and apparently can remember great detail of almost every day of their life which makes them very sensitive animals and very prone to stress, depression, and anxiety. They are extremely docile animals until you mess with them or their families which can bring out a temper unlike any other.
pretty elephant by anupjkat
Elephant 12 by Art-Photo
An Effervescing Elephant by ahermin
morning elephant by panpropanbutan
Baby Elephant Gymnastics by TVD-Photography
Elephant by Alannah-Hawker

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Thank you for featuring me :aww:
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youre welcome!