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Pokemon Charity in Space 147


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Each Pokemon is worth $2.00 to the SPCA Animal Shelter…

Each Kirby is worth $2.00 to Make-A-Wish Foundation
Tax Receipt Space Collab 2nd portion by TommyGK

THIS PROJECT IS NOW CLOSED! Thank you everyone for participating and to all those who helped advertise and promote this event!! :love:

This background was painted by the talented katagro!
charity space by katagro

See all submissions here:…

Participants so far:

katagro Background, Star Kirby and Diglett
TommyGK Porygon and Star Rod Kirby

neshirys Jirachi
dragonfire53511 Deoxys and  UFO Kirby
GhostFalcon642 Servine and Beetle Kirby
Oranguin Pikachu and Kirby
Absbor-J Mimikyu and Kirby
PMBO8 Bagon and Kirby
Little-Papership Beheeyem and Kirby
Lilsnookie Arcanine and Jet Kirby
XRed-moon Eevee and Kirby
dourdan Marshtomp

RoseJigglypuff76 Jigglypuff and Kirby
TamarinFrog Sableye and Kirby
ohnonotthem Solgaleo and Kirby
UmbreonStorm Umbreon
UIJess Trubbish and Kirby
EdGarcia Squirtle and Kirby
Angel47093 Fletchinder and Fire Kirby
Strayhowl Mawile and Kirby
confusedkangaroo Magnemite and Missle Kirby
JavierE64 Dunsparce and Kirby

hinawashi Sky Shaymin
JennyBunte Gastly and Kirby Crossover
DerpFerret Alolan Raichu and Wing Kirby
stariipop Gallade and Sword Kirby
pkspace Rowlett and Kirby
Pup-Star Victini and Kirby
WindySilver Pichu and Light Kirby
UszatyArbuz Psyduck and Constellation Psyduck (can you find it?)
RayStarKitty Jirachi and Kirby

CozyKomala Ambipom and Kirby
MetaLatias5 Metaknight and Latias
Battledroidunit047 Clefairy and Kirby
kaus-quietis Rayquaza and Kirby
JA-punkster Milotic and Kirby
Pinkpony4 Musharna and Kirby
dawgs9 Staryu and Kirby
sarahlouiseghost Umbreon and Kirby
music229luv Minior Core Form and Sleep Kirby
OcioProduction Piplup
CJizzlelette and TommyGK Wigglytuff and Balloon Kirby
Hebigami-Okami-77 Attack Form Deoxys and Star Rod Kirby
Alliedforce35 Furfrou
rainbow000pegasus Shiny Kirlia
Lushies-Art Leafeon and Riding Star Kirby
HeavenBunny95 Charmander
littlerain999 Araquanid and Spider Kirby
ChimeraFeather Zigzagoon
SuperLebunee Hoopa and Magic Kirby
Charizardtamer12 Clefable and Plasma Kirby
Shadow--Flareon Roserade
Kekekekekekekk Celesteela and Kirby
DentedBrain Beam Flare Kirby
Yukari-Kaenbyou Sylveon and ESP Kirby
poolvosje Eevee and Kirby
TarriPup Pacharisu
ArchaosTeryx Mewtwo and Kirby
Slycloudfox Mew and Ball Kirby
ALAStinuviel Sword Kirby
yingyingkirby Minior(Yellow Core Forme) And Mirror Kirby Lunar Tribute
silif-art Suicune
Shadowboy77 Cosmog and Ghost Kirby
NeVerDark1211 Umbreon Space Suit and Parasol Kirby
toadeu Serperior and Kirby
EmilyTheMeowth Cosmog and riding Star Kirby
Tanukky Yamper and Kirby
wamply Wishiwashi
GlitzerKirby Drillbur and Kirby
Hikarisoul2 Dragonair and Comet Kirby
AClockworkKitten Nihiligo with a kirby constellation
nikkikirkland Rolycoly and Kirby
Andorada Skitty and Kirby
Mouselemur Teddiursa and Cinccino*
katamariluv Mew and Kirby
Scale-Fang Alien Pikachu Intruder
CaninePrince Espeon and Cosmog Kirby
plantstronaut Espurr and Kirby
SavageFrog Wooloo
Anipzis Shroomish and Kirby

DentedBrain Sponsor + $15.00

Here is what we raised so far:

81 Pokemon = worth $2.00 each
64 Kirbies = worth $2.00 each
1 Background = worth $30 split evenly
1 sponsorship = $15.00 split evenly

SPCA: $184.50
Make-A-Wish: $150.50
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This looks like something made in the 2000s.