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Pokemon Charity Easter 162


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A :iconcharity-guild:Charity-Guild project
brought to you by Tommy's Puppet Lab!
This project was the the SPCA Animal Shelter!
Please watch the official wrapup video if you missed it!

Please take a moment to thank our dear sponsor :iconmrsvolv:MrsVolv for her generosity! :love::heart:

Every Pokemon was worth $4.00 per submissions! We got a total of 162 Pokemon! 4 x 162 = $648.00
We donated $648 to the "no-kill" animal shelter!
Plus a huge bag full of brand new pet supplies! (special thanks to JA-punkster! :heart:)

The money was used to Sponsor two dogs (Buck and Rooster) and one cot! (Vance)
Buck and Rooster have been adopted into new loving homes now! Send all your good energy to Vance so he gets adopted to a good home soon!

See every submission for this project here:…

Guildmaster: :icontommygk:
Sponsor: :iconmrsvolv:
Background: :iconkatagro:
Additional support: :iconkatagro::iconandorada::iconneshirys::iconthegalleryofeve::iconja-punkster:
 Thank you to everyone who supported this project! :heart:

:pokeball:All artists :pokeball:

UszatyArbuz Psyduck 
MrsVolv Ekans
neshirys Chansey
Andorada Vulpix and alolan Vulpix
TamarinFrog Sableye and Kecleon
toadeu Tapu Lele and Lapras
HeavenBunny95 Shiny Eevee
GhostFalcon642 Meditite and Oranguru
EdGarcia Mewtwo and Charmander
XRed-moon Absol and Arcanine
Gartendrache Espeon and Chansey
confusedkangaroo Whimsicott and Floette
hinawashi Scorbunny
WindySilver Treecko and Grovyle
Shadow--Flareon Gardevior and Sylveon
dourdan Chimecho and Smoochum
dragonfire53511 Togepi and Shaymin land form
Kekekekekekekk Swablu and Altaria
Angel47093 Buneary and Bunnelby
peachiebun Sunkern and Bellossom
Little-Papership Alolan Vulpix and Electrode
neon-izumi Snorlax and Spheal
MellowSunPanther Chespin and Ledyba
Malla123 Scorbunny and Torchic
Lilsnookie Arcanine and Cubone
Charizardtamer12 Sawsbuck and Deerling
Eveningshadow1022 Togepi and Mew
Oranguin Meganium and Xerneas
RayStarKitty Plusle and Comfey
music229luv Flaaffy and Dewott
yingyingkirby Popplio and Grookey
JA-punkster Braixen and Mienfoo
Crazypencilplays Umbreon and Houndour
EmilyTheMeowth Alolan Eggexcutor and Meowth
sparkythunde Haunter
Khallandra Snivy and Litten
JavierE64 Lanturn and Lillipup
silver-foxycat Scorbunny Egg
pupp0 Jangmo-mo
PMBO8 Torchic and Blissey
ToxicSnakeSkull Torterra
Vixie08 Deerling and Sawsbuck
Hebigami-Okami-77 Cyndaquil and Blastoise
L-L-arts Charmander and Raichu
crystalline-ink Togetic and Farfetch'd
Mouselemur Wooper and Meowth
Warped-Dragonfly Victini and Chansey
Onepiecequeen101 Alolan Ninetails and Sylveon
snackfalcons Mimikyu
LittleMoon-Chan Leafeon and Jolteon
Yaantii Cleffa
Miss-Vyris Lapras
silif-art Shiny Ninetails and Latias/Latios combo
VaurienVixen Zangoose and Slowpoke
RoseJigglypuff76 Jigglypuff
Inukki Minccino and Flareon
EMMYtheK Bayleef and Vileplume
ArchaosTeryx Nidorino and Nidorina
k-hots Ferroseed and Incineroar
Pinkpony4 Lopunny
DentedBrain Breloom and Braixen
SavageFrog Sobble (8th Gen)
GlitzerKirby Karrablast
TarriPup Pacharisu
SuperLebunee Shiny Necrozema and Paras
Splashed-Canvas Kangaskahn and Cubone
Kim-cat3120 Voltorb
Escurotia Pyukumuku
Lumen-Speros Drifloon and Celebi
Absbor-K Bulbasaur and Charizard
hunlime Piloswine and Cutifly
jmg124 Luxio
IuckFox Riolu and Fennekin 
RubyFireLilly Zeraora and Joltik
Fabi-kun Seviper and Zangoose
Kineil-Wicks Butterfree and Beautifly
nikkikirkland Scorbunny and sobble (8th gen)
CaninePrince Pikachu and Eevee
rawrdoodles Quilava and Shuckle
That-Random-Banana Roggenrola
Hedgey Brionne
Alliedforce35 Tyrantum
katamariluv Butterfree and Scorbunny
danishangel Exeggutor and Exeggcute
Anipzis Marill
JennyBunte Spoink
Metanaito-kyou Wigglytuff and Furret
UmbreonStorm Eevee and Umbreon
Deevins Rowlett
drn1234 Sharpedo
CJizzlelette and TommyGK Guildmaster Wigglytuff and Chatot

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ToxicSnakeSkull's avatar
Better late than never I guess to say well done everyone who participated on this collab. :)
We survived all of the hard work and Egg Puns to bring together another successful piece and make this cruddy world just a little bit better :heart:
Overall I'd say it really eggceeded eggspectations - oh my god...TommyGK, I SWEAR TO ARCEUS!!!Grumpy