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Cookie Monster waves Hey! Someone here does not belong! Can you find the Easter egg in this big poster?? :iconkruemelplz:


Here it is, the 6th charity collab project! For every 10 submissions I got I sent out 1 packed shoebox to an underprivileged child for Christmas!! This time, I brought back Kirby on the Nightmare Warship (Halberd)! I also included submissions that aren't Kirbies such as his animal friends and the original Halberd crew! Dynablade too!

149 submissions! Click here to see them on their own!

(EDIT: I missed one apparently, it's on the poster now)

As promised, the Guildmaster will deliver! Here are the shoeboxes fully packed and ready to send smiles and build up dreams. Yoomtah!
Untitled by TommyGK
14 shoeboxes all packed and ready for shipping!

Untitled by TommyGK

Photo on 2016-05-20 at 9.19 AM by TommyGK
(Tax Receipt: Each shoebox costs 7 dollars to send, all proceeds used to help hurting children)

This box is a memorial donation in memory of Satoru Iwata. This box contains more toys than school supplies. Yes someone is getting a Charizard for Christmas.

:iconandorada: donated her hair to cancer in part with this collab! Thank you :glomp:

Each shoebox (except for the special memorial box) contains the following:
  • 1 large stuffed animal
  • 3 pencils
  • 2 pens (blue and black)
  • 1 Eraser
  • 1 Ruffling Sponge
  • 1 Bar of soap
  • Notepad
  • Presharpened Pencil crayons
  • Build your own glider kit
  • Pong paddle
  • 1 noisemaker
  • 1 set of fake moustaches (to commemorate Movember, boys only)
  • 1 felt purse (girls only)
  • 1 play necklace

-new Customs law are no longer allowing Canadians to send out candies/food to this program.
Instead, I added some extra school/art supplies.


Guildmaster: :icontommygk:

Sponsors: :iconkonradocirilo::iconunibat::iconkyokochibi:

Special thank yous:

:iconkatagro: Transparency converter

:iconuchuubranko: Background artist and fat star :star:

:iconandorada::iconroguemudblood::iconkatagro: Extensive advertising

:iconthegalleryofeve::iconrydi1689::iconrenkindle::iconkoyokuk: Additional support

:rose: Satoru Iwata :rose:


First submission (additional thank you): :icontamarinfrog: Inkling (Splatoon)


:iconscale-fang: Phoenix Wright* Please consider checking out his facebook artwork page and giving it a "Like"? Be the face of art! No objections.

HALBERD CREW MEMBERS (Full crew on board)

Kiss-the-Iconist Sailor Dee
uchuubranko Halberd (BG) and Captain Vul
UnstableReactor Heavy Lobster
DarkDracania Ax Knight
Jinzal93 Metaknight
lawliet29 Mace Knight

ALLIES (All animal friends on board)

Lady-RyuuXX87 Rick the Hamster
MagicBirb Kine the Fish
PandoraEmberling Nago Cat and Kirby ball
Hime--Nyan Spear Waddle Dee
GeorgeXVII Coo the Owl (very cuddly)
LoftyBalloon Gooey
Rika35 Dedede (Frienemy)
BriannaTheWolf599 Pitch the Bird
TimothyJDarden ChuChu
Anima-Tenshi Dynablade

Imageflexion via Youtube: Kirby Kirby Kirby
8Patja UFO
RogueMudblood's son (KirbyLuigiFan offsite) Ghost ability
nyakka Yo-yo
Andorada Parasol
kyokochibi Ninja
LoveBobu Animal
1RedPenguin1 Cook
13lackout Jet
artcrazy856 Sleep on Warp Star
quila111 Warp Star
Cygreus Warp Star
Brixtambot Sword
Deathmegasega3 Beam
NekoSmeet Magic
BedoopBro Bomb
VeryaLiona Archer
GentleWillow Leaf
scilk Mirror
JA-punkster Plasma
starhavenstudios Paint
ChibiKirbylover Wing
Kahlium Fire
DryKirby Bubble
KirbyTardos Freeze
RogueMudblood Broom
bubblymaika Circus
Ravenwingthecat10 Fighter


Mini collabs:
TommyGK + CJizzlelette Catbug
TommyGK + MikeyOpossum Betta Fish
Rara00 Normal
SoruItaLover Jinx (LoL)
Taivasora Deemo
Tigerett Yugo
AbstractAthaon Rick Grimes (Walking Dead)
Soulstrikerfy Slenderman
MissDilemma Ice Climber
ian-has-a-nice-ass Deadpool
anminster Mario
HinataFox790 Sebastian
jackgunski Bill cipher (GF)
CloudFury Umbreon
ssvineman Wario
SaccharoKirby Sectonia
Amlita Winnie the Pooh
Peachie5000 Dipper (Grav. Falls)
Renkindle Delphox
Amidasu Davy Jones
SuperMarioFan888 Papyrus
Fuzzyspirit Klonnoa
ColorBond Captain Toad
Mizael-Hikari Eevee
myrnnecromanson Sherlock Holmes
Escurotia Mikasa Ackerman
MirageOnTheRun Easter egg
Kirby-Star-Warrior Flandre Scarlet
mythnight Lugia
may10216 Totoro
eLTehh Ivan (GG)
littlerain999 Soul Evans (Soul Eater)
Mariopartylover10 Shulk
Naguro Grunt (WoW III)
The-Agent17 Jotaro (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)
Icytail Hatsune miku
katagro Picollo (DBZ)
Broken-Hedgehog Paper
Tivern Halloween
ethanoI Toothless
nuclear-smash Kid Icarus
DescaKlang Bing Bong (inside out)
KayVeeDee Stephen Universe
TheDogzLife Nopon (Xenoblade)
Yukari-Kaenbyou Eirin Yagokoro (Touhou)
confusedkangaroo Cardcaptor Sakura Kirby
ToxicSnakeSkull Commander Sheperd (Mass Effect)
FriendlyHougen Ahri (League of Legends)
rydi1689 Chica
CherishedRose Sora (Kingdom Hearts)
Danicky Clownpiece (Touhou)
Phyizzcon Weeping angel
Hannah66665 Jirachi
neshirys Issac (Golden Sun)
xXWonSecretXx Silver (Sonic)
TheArowsChronicles Dead Island Escape

Capn-Mixie Olimar
TheUltione Envy (FMA)
Kineil-Wicks Sonic
davidsfire Capt. Falcon
Lazy-a-Ile Blinx Time Sweeper
79Guarisapos Greg from Over the Garden Wall
KittyCatKilala Pikachu
Chenanigans Bloop (Trog)
CaturdayCartoons Stormborn
Moltenkitty Balloons
ArynChris Cammy (Street fighter)
CrimsonValefor Arcanus (Golden Sun)
squidkidscribbles Villager
KonradoCirilo Rocket (GG)
Xero-J Wonderful 101
rockettreverie Sailor Moon
gaper4 Ceylan Jones
TheGalleryOfEve Disney Malefficent
-Arcanus GS Offsite participant
nikkikirkland labbit
FuwaKiwi Yoshi
Teepy-teep Okami
S-q-t-v-a-l-9 Minion (Universal)
The-Lost-Hope Generator Rex
EdGarcia Marvin (Looney Tunes)
whitecrestwaves Miles Edgeworth
uchuubranko Chopper 1 piece
ChangelingButterfly Gir
traud Wolverine

Scaly-heart Bucky Barnes (Cap. america)
LeoDynasty82 Blaze (Sonic)
TheBerserkerGJ Space Dandy
tokirus Robin
SoraRoxas-15 Big Daddy (Bioshock)
Silveralder Ghast (MC)
RyugaSSJ3 Green Morphing Power Ranger
kiiroyasuna Springtrap
AlexanderPaupoff The Batman
YoshiofRedemption Bugs bunny
Clamdiggy Sharknado
RTNightmare Jack Skellington (NBC)
Videogamer80 Soldier (Fire Emblem)
PerfectPinkWater Custom Sweater
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