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Poster by Snook-8

Poster by uchuubranko the fat star

Pollinatormon Charity Swarm 185 by TommyGK
World Wildlife Fund: $360
The Nature Conservancy: $175

Witchmon Charity Ritual 163 by TommyGK
Calcutta Rescue: $183.50
SPCA: $353.10

Animalmon Crossing Charity Village 176 by TommyGK
SPCA: $232
Make-A-Wish: $158
#teamtrees: 176 trees planted!

Pokemon Charity in Space 147 by TommyGK
SPCA: $184.50
Make-A-Wish: $150.50

Pokemon Charity Easter 162 by TommyGK
-Donated $648 for SPCA Animal Shelter
-Sponsored 3 pets. All 3 have been adopted and passed the trials!
-Donated $100 worth of pet supplies

Octoberland Charity Festival by TommyGK
-Donated 14 shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child
-Donated $140 for Samaritan's Purse

Pokemon Medieval Charity Fair by TommyGK
-Donated $477.50 for Make-a-Wish Foundation!

Pokemon Snowmon for Charity 138 by TommyGK
-Donated $274 for Make-A-Wish Foundation!

Pokemon Charity Orchestra 159 by TommyGK
-Donated $173.00 for the SPCA Animal Shelter and Make-a-Wish Foundation!
-Additional $50 donated to Hurricane Harvey Appeal (Canadian Red Cross)

165 Pokenom Charity Buffet by TommyGK
-Donated 12 shoeboxes and $84.00 for Samaritan's Purse

Despicable Charity Fair 113 by TommyGK
-Donated $113 for Ecuador Earthquake Appeal
-1 wig for cancer patient thanks to Andorada

Colouring Books for Charity! by TommyGK
-Hand crafted colouring books for Sick Kids. 28 books total

Gentlemon Charity Ball 270 by TommyGK
-Built a shelter for thypoon Filipino victims
-Completed Movember challenge to raise $200 for mens health

149 Kirby Charity Flight by TommyGK
-Mailed 15 shoeboxes to underprivileged children for Christmas
-Donated $105 dollars to help hurting children thanks to sponsors

I was a stray once, it was awful 53 by TommyGK
-$35 was donated to the animal shelter
-3 hours of volunteer time given to the shelter as well

180 Piratemon Charity Cruise by TommyGK
-Donated $306.75 to the Canadian Red Cross

Kirby 166 by TommyGK
-First collab run by your Guildmaster
-Starting fuel for charity collabs





I am VERY pleased to announce that the Pollinator collaboration is now the 2nd biggest poster we have EVER created! 185 submissions! Donation receipts are attached to the poster's description!
Pollinatormon Charity Swarm 185
I have also posted this poster on Instagram too!
Here is our (now) 3rd biggest poster, which had 180 submissions back in 2015!
180 Piratemon Charity Cruise
I will start making the draw for the pendant very soon and start the wrap-up video! Please let me know if you don't want to be entered for the draw so I can remove you and let someone else have a chance at winning! :D
Thanks again for joining! I will let you know when the video is done! I will likely have another project later this year! Stay safe everyone!
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