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Short Drop, Sudden Stop
The sirens didn't bother him. They had been there for hours, fading in and out as police cars, ambulances, and fire engines came and went. He had gotten used to their wailing, and truth be told, had even started to like it a little bit.
He heard a click and a distorted whine and realized that someone had the megaphone on again. They would try to talk to him again. Try to tell him to come out with his hands up, or to get on his knees and wait for SWAT. No thanks.
Rolling up the sleeve of his long coat, he took long strides towards one of the room's windows, taking care not to step too heavily on the spiraling designs he had carved into the wooden floor. He snatched a knife, one of many, from the table and opened the window as the megaphone kept babbling.
Someone said something to the effect of "There he is!" and he cocked his arm back, holding the knife by its tip. He took a moment to scan the crowd, saw the cop with the megaphone, and let fly.
The crowd panicked and scattered. He grinn
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300 Years Of The Demon: Part 1
My name is Takeshi Nimishura, and for three hundred years crime has known my face. I am the Farseeing Demon.
The odds say that you do not know the heel of oppression, or the sting of slavery. You have not suffered under the rule of a madman, nor been forced to bow before one.
There lived a man who would have changed that. There lived a man who would have beaten your world into submission and twisted it into his image. The only reason that he did not was because the Demon was there to stop him.
It began in 1962. I woke up in my home in Tokyo; my wife was away. Every window was shut, every door locked from the outside. I had only begun to suspect what was happening when I saw the folded piece of paper on the floor. I scooped it up and opened it; written on it were the words that would change my life forever.
I fell down to my knees, closed my eyes, and clasped my hands together. It did not take long. I heard a door open, the soft sound of feet on carpet moving towards me, felt the presen
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Unstoppable Part 8
Deputy Mayor Nicholas O'Malley carefully shut the door behind him and stepped into the hallway, cramped as it was with bustling police bodyguards, special advisors, and eager reporters who must have possessed some form of teleportation to get there so quickly.
"Mayor Nikkels is not giving any statements at the moment," O'Malley said, standing steadfast in front of the door as a few microphones poked out of the crowd like feelers. "And he does not intend to do so until he has had ample time to consider all possibilities."
The microphones lingered for a moment, waggled in some half-hearted desperation, and then slithered back into the crowd.  O'Malley waited until he was sure the press was gone before speaking again.
"Chief Dumont," O'Malley said, turning to the grim, middle-aged man with an old riot helmet tucked under his arm. O'Malley remembered that helmet; Dumont had gotten a lot of use out of it in '91. It now stayed in an old footlocker beneath his desk, waiting for time
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Your Time Is Up
"What are you looking at, you little puke?"
Sergei had a thousand good answers for the man standing in front of him and no words with which to say them. He looked downward, felt the grotesquely warm blood covering his fatigues before he saw it, was greeted by empty faces freshly cut down as his eyes reached the floor.
"You have something to say?"
Sergei's mind raced backwards, trying to make sense of what had happened. He and his unit had stormed Black Edgar's safe house, expecting him to be alone. Edgar had two friends with him, one armed, one hiding. The first went down instantly, but it was the second who had charged, wounding Sergei's commander and giving Edgar his chance to escape.
His training had taken over then. Sergei moved forward, rolled, came up with his pistol ready, gave the attacker a Mozambique—bang bang, boom—and sprinted after Black Edgar, following him into the previously hidden crawlspace as his squad called for medical assistance.
But that had been on the
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Marvin St. Paul by CharismaticMegafauna Marvin St. Paul :iconcharismaticmegafauna:CharismaticMegafauna 0 0
Take Notice: Part 2 of Bruce Wayne, Spider-Man
I can feel their eyes crawling over me as my name is called and I step up in front of the board. I take a quick glance at my notes to make sure everything is in order. It is. Gotham's finest inspect me with sullen eyes, wondering when I'll let them go to collect their drug money. It won't be seen, I can assure them that.
"Right," I start, never having been very good at formal speeches. "At around two this morning, we got a report of assault-and-battery in Robinson Park."
"What else is new?" someone hollers, and the room erupts with laughter. I add their face to my (rapidly growing) list of Those In Dire Need Of A Kick In The Pants.
Shuffling my notes reminds them that this meeting is not going to end any time soon and that I don't much appreciate their jokes. The laughter dies down. I continue.
"This comes after other reports of similar cases in Monolith Square, the Smythe Complex, Old Gotham—particularly around Crime Alley—and Amusement Mile," I say, working backwards. I unv
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Who He Is And How He Came To Be
The pain was not what bothered him, though the pain was great. A warm, dull, throbbing ache reminded him every second that he had a bullet lodged in his arm. Images from medical textbooks and coroner's reports illustrated the story in his head; nicked arteries, a chipped humerus. Soon, he would die.
The journey home was not what infuriated him, though the journey home had been agony. He had fallen off of rooftops, stumbled through alleys, and caused car wrecks, all the way leaving drops of blood with which any competent technician could identify him. Soon, he would be found out.
The betrayal was not what broke him, though the betrayal was heinous. In truth, he should have known that the police could not be trusted. He should have known that the pimp would have them on his payroll. Soon, what little he had been able to do would be forgotten.
That was what bothered him, infuriated him, broke him. The knowledge that he had accomplished nothing ate away at his core even as his hand went nu
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The Clown Has Gotta Go by CharismaticMegafauna The Clown Has Gotta Go :iconcharismaticmegafauna:CharismaticMegafauna 1 2 The Magic Word by CharismaticMegafauna The Magic Word :iconcharismaticmegafauna:CharismaticMegafauna 0 3
The Big Nowhere: Ch 2. Part 3
"Say, Juan, I ever told you how I got this ring?"
Juan looked up from the blanket stretched out on the sand. He felt the tent looming over his head, the heavy canvas bearing down on him. He squinted at the silhouette sitting near the open flap of the tent, its feet resting on a small fold-up table. As his eyes adjusted to the sun's light reflecting off the desert, that silhouette became Aldous Blood. He was holding his ring in his hand, spinning it between his fingers. What sunlight made it into the tent bounced off the gold and the rubies, throwing tiny pinpricks of light all over the interior.
"No," Juan said. He suspected he had heard the story before, but hadn't cared enough to remember it, or even to listen to it the first time. "Tell me."
"It's a long story," Blood said. "It'd probably bore you. In fact, I'm sure of it."
"You asked," Juan replied. More of Blood's little games. He went back to cleaning his submachine gun. It was a C-4, the newest Argentina had designed, and he had
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Irish by CharismaticMegafauna Irish :iconcharismaticmegafauna:CharismaticMegafauna 0 7 Check Yo'self by CharismaticMegafauna Check Yo'self :iconcharismaticmegafauna:CharismaticMegafauna 0 4
Help Wanted, Part 2
"I'm interested." He folded his hands together as he spoke.  "But I still need to know more."
Sherooq leaned forward. "Your previous clients indicated that you could track him on scent alone."
"Yeah, well, my reputation is one thing and my situation is another," he said. The truth was that he probably could find Jack by his scent. Prying information from his clients would be easier, however. "Like, what kind of guy is he? What sorts of clubs does he spend his singles at? Give me the framework."
"This is the first we have seen of him in many years!" Sherooq snapped. Koil was taken aback at the sudden flash of anger in her voice. She shot out of her chair and pointed a gloved finger straight at him. "You are asking questions we don't have the answers to! And you're trying my patience!"
Koil grit his teeth, dug his fingernails into the wood of the table. Sherooq might attack him. There was something in her stance, a frantic energy barely muffled by the burqa. She could strike li
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Troubled Thoughts
"Where'd you find him?" He brought a hand up to shield his eyes as he asked the question. The light coming through the window in front of them was bright, brighter than he would have been comfortable with, but he had been told it was important. He looked at the man standing next to him, squinting.
"Sorry," the older man said. "I was miles away. We found him right where we expected to." He placed his hand on his chin. 'We' was not entirely correct. Neither of them had been there. The younger man had not participated because he was too new to be trusted; the other man hadn't gone because he was too old to be useful. Yet, he noticed, they were both dressed in identical black suits. To an outsider it would be funny. To more knowledgeable individuals, it was a sign of fraternity.
"He fell for the trap, then?" the young one asked, still squinting.
"Hook, line, and sinker." So he had been told, at least. He had to wonder how successful the trap could have been; there were four men to b
:iconcharismaticmegafauna:CharismaticMegafauna 1 4
Help Wanted, Part 1
"They're due here any minute. I'll need to go dark soon," he typed.
He hit the send button, glancing up at the door as he did so. It was shut but not locked, the bronze deadbolt gleaming in the candlelight.
He slid his cell phone shut, covering the front screen with his palm to block out the light it made. He imagined that the light from his phone must have made him look like a disembodied head floating in the darkness. He had to grin at that.
The phone vibrated in his hand; he quickly slid it open to silence the buzzing.
"Ok, be careful," the message read. He slid the phone shut again and turned it off. Of course he'd be careful. There was no need to warn him.
He leaned back in his chair, letting the shadows overtake him. It wasn't a difficult task; he dressed entirely in black for precisely that purpose, and he had plenty of practice.
He wondered how long it would take for his visitors to arrive. He had already been waiting an hour, and they had promised to be prompt.
The flame of th
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Bat Country Redux by CharismaticMegafauna Bat Country Redux :iconcharismaticmegafauna:CharismaticMegafauna 3 9


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The Tears of the All Father.
Have you have wondered why, if they gods exist, and they are benevolent, then why do horrific things occur? Why do they not stop it? If they cannot, are they truly gods? If they will not, are they truly as kind and good as we believe?
Sit, then, and I shall tell you the tale. The tale of why the gods smile no longer upon Midgard.
The tale of The Tears of the All Father.
Long ago, it had been the custom of the Aesir to walk disguised among men. It was well known that Odin did this, but the other gods took after his fashion, and would cloak themselves in the skins and clothes of mortals, and thus walk amongst men unhindered.
Through this, the Aesir remained knowledgeable about the workings of the world of men.
Now, it came to pass that the politics of the mighty nations of Midgard became greatly twisted. Through treaty and alliance, a twisting web of allegiances stronger that steel or blood was being woven by the powerful houses of the land.
This much troubled the gods, as ties of such s
:iconcaptaineli:CaptainEli 1 2
Dark Razor by Shraznar Dark Razor :iconshraznar:Shraznar 182 41 Less than Three by Dredsina Less than Three :icondredsina:Dredsina 127 8 Tigarion WarMaster by RDOWN Tigarion WarMaster :iconrdown:RDOWN 121 30


(And he asks why he keeps up with the third-person thing)

You know how, for years now, I've been saying that I'm starting a webcomic? How it's called Charismatic Megafauna and it's the culmination of all my storytelling efforts and all that?

Well, it starts tonight.

Check it.
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Nice Guy Seamus
United States
I hate describing myself and I try not to do it very often. But all these websites keep begging me to do so.

I write and I draw; whether I produce anything good is still awaiting confirmation. All my stories are connected, and just about all my drawings are characters or scenes that are from my stories or involved with my stories. I've launched my webcomic: Charismatic Megafauna. Pages will be posted here until I get a host.

Current Residence: Home


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