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RIN-CHAAAAAN, looking at art like this makes me wish that you had a tumblr so I could reblog it, but tumblr users kinda suck XD.

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That fingerrrr lol

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cool art !!❤️
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Oh! I love how did you color the blood, well done!
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Your artwork is amazing!
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Absolutely love it. Great job

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I'm getting spam emails from different people, (everytime it's a new acc that is may about 1 day old and gets removed from deviantart some days after receiving the note.) telling me I'd won a 100$ gift card because I added that picture to my favorites. I'm pretty sure that's a scam (If not I'd be REALLY surprised) and it's not right to use your pretty picture for it. :(
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If you want you can also follow me on this channel and see my gallery
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For once it’s not Len dying lol
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I love it! I hope you post more cause its very pretty :>

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hOLd on this is so cool im----

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I love how you paint blood. Do you have a tutorial?

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the way ur art looks is so unnerving yet so pleasing to look at,,,hmrgrhgrh love this
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I blame SHODAN
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rin.vocaloid has stopped working
omg rin on the deviantart front pageee

this is gorgeous. you truly did justice to her. すごいーーー
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