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Hair coloring tutorial

I think this goes without saying, but this is just MY way of shading, I'm not saying that this is THE way.

*about step 2
with 'there' I mean I also shade the entire outline next to the lineart!
I wanted to make some tutorials, and I'm starting with a hair tutorial! Next will be a new eye tutorial (the one that is currently up is from 2016, that's not the new one) and then I'll do one on how I shade blood and guts :iconskankyplz:
The file is pretty big aaa I had a lot to say and I wanted to show examples too...:icongtthplz:
I hope it doesn't look too messy and it's easy to understand- english isn't my native language either but I tried my best- If you have questions, please ask!
I made a process .gif as well to make it easier to see the different steps! I can't put the link any other way, it has to be copy + pasted?? OTL 
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Always struggled with shading on hair and have always been a huge fan of your art work and tutorials which have helped me greatly!! Thank you! c:

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I'm going to follow this tutorial if you don't mind
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i've always loved the way you draw/shade blood! excited to see more tutorials from you ^^
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very nice style thanks for the tutorial 
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omgg thanks so much for sharing!
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I struggle with shading hair, I experiment with it but it always looks odd. This is very helpful, thank you so much ^^
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what brush did you use for the hair shading?
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the brush, the settings are in step 7!
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awesome! and sorry for so many questions, but how do you pick your shading colors? is it only multiply or something more?
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Omggg thank you soo much for this ;A; you have no idea how much this will help me TT <33 always love on how you shade hair
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I will try this, thank you
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You are the real MVP.
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im gonna try this! >:3
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I can't even pick up a pencil.

T e a c h m e y o u r w a y s
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She looks like junko edmisha (spelled it wrong) but still amazing 
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This is really nice, for those who have trouble understanding how to shade and how to make it really pop, I will definitely use this in the future! Thanks~
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Omg! Thank you! :3
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This is amazing! nice tutorial!
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This will be really helpful well done!
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Wow, this really helps, thank you so much!
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