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Eye coloring tutorial

I will make a new one soon!

I got many requests for an eye tutorial, so here it is! ^0^
I hope this is helpful and easy to understand!
Please ask me if you have any questions or if something is unclear! c:

about some steps,
4., 7.,14., *made with the airbrush

other tutorials:  Hair coloring tutorial by CHARIKO  chromatic aberration effect tutorial by CHARIKO
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Reminded me of Violet's eyes. Blue and beautiful

(sorry if my english not good) . i very like your art , but i don't know how to do the light in step 4 . I tried to use blend mode : luminosity or overlay in ( Photoshop ) , but the color not work . Please help me

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Wow absolutely beautiful and yes!! It was

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Wonderful tutorial! This will help me a lot. I've always had trouble drawing eyes, by hand or otherwise. Thank you!
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I used this tutorial! thank you so much it helped me alot! Kawaii La 
Shiny eye challenge by BiancaRoseTV  
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this is just me but i would leave it on step 6
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i would have left it on step 5- there's so much detail that I didn't really enjoy looking at it afterwards

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I would love to see a tutorial of the other type of eyes you do on the more creepy types of art, really like this one
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I was planning on doing that ^_^
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Oh yaay, I’ll be waiting!
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|| ''more dots''
''more light''

SJHESJLFK beautiful.
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OmFg ~ This tutorial is really good, and this shading eyes is so pretty! ♥
Thank you so much! ^^ Day87 - Cat Rainbow heart 
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I used this tutorial for my drawing of my OC Alfeo.
Alfeo's Latest Design(OC) by FuzzyRoseColor
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used it in this
Your tutorial really helped ^^ 
Trying smth new by Fellomina-Artis  
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Used for this, thank you so much! <3
.*kittyhime, the pink princess*. by sugarangelkitten
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i guess eyes like those are used for potraits and half body art right?
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Can I download???
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yeah you can
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Thank you so much for the tutorialLove 
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wait wait wait... okay so, what exactly IS the luminosity setting, and where is it located??? ;w;
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chari meant layer mode
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