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I'm sorry for being so inactive, I really don't feel like drawing these past weeks..but I know I have to so I forced myself to make fanart Crazy Girl (Forever Alone) [V6] by Jerikuto
this is eternia/chronos from the game aura kingdom
ref for the hands…
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kyunehHobbyist Digital Artist
Aaaa I love this!! *eternia's P new schoolgirl outfit is hot* buttttt the shading and everything is suuuu jfdkibsadgosa ilurartsm <33
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SLABComicsHobbyist Digital Artist
queen of the universe... literally     ♪~ ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ    all hail the queen    adorable
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ONCHAProfessional Digital Artist
this is bloody amazing, how could i not see this??
Chari, it's superb, you don't even know how much i would love to make you understand how much i love your art ;___;
it really stands out from other styles, and this piece in particular is so detaild i could cry :iconcraiplz:
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Ich liebe dieses Eidolon so hart  <3
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AreinistHobbyist Digital Artist
I think it's the Winter that's got a lot of people feeling down recently, me included. But lets fight through it \(*o*)/
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CuteTapeHobbyist Digital Artist
oml gorgeous
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MarshMellowSpaceRaceStudent Digital Artist
This is so cute!
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Capisce-girlStudent General Artist
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TallyCrestHobbyist Digital Artist
woaahhh!! this is so gorgeous!!1
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MomoekoStudent Interface Designer
Hhhhhhnnnnngggggg!!! Why your art is sooo majestic!! I love it~ ;////w///;
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KittenSquittenHobbyist Digital Artist
So beautiful!!  
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Gotta love chronos ♥ ; v ; Been ages since I played AK xD
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malartzStudent Digital Artist
omg she looks so cute in your style!!
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cutesuHobbyist Digital Artist
this looks amazing~! so beautiful >//w//< <333
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One of many beautiful Eidolons I'll never get ;-;
She looks wonderful in your style <3
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AdorablePeachHobbyist Digital Artist
Omg, what a cutie!! This is so pretty!!
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rinihimmeStudent Digital Artist
AH I'm so conflicted,, I want to see your artwork evERY DAY but it's better you
are just draw when you felt like it ! that way always positive feelings associated
with picking up the pencil or tablet pen //o\\

but but
this artwork,, the colours,,,, how everything you draw could be so perfect Big Fool Emoji-07 (Cry) [V2]
everytime you are uploading I can't even figure out which folder I want to place the
drawing in -- one for inspiration arts, one for favourite styles, one for favourite colour. . .

but your art always fit in all of them TABLEFLIP
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MinawaSeikoHobbyist Digital Artist
Don't worry I  don't feel like drawing these past weeks too..
But now i will do something finally XD
Eternia looks amazing <3
Great job <3
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TroodonVetStudent Digital Artist
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KaidachuHobbyist General Artist
Wow the vibrant colors and shiny details look amazing! Don't worry about not being so active, take your time!
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