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[RotW] The Wagon Road Ride


Art for the ongoing road-clearing event to unlock passage to the other villages once again!

The scene is based on the event's ongoing RP.. where Atka joins the group heading out of Inariko to clear the roads of Blight in search of Vhintl. She didn't intend to walk the whole way, but with Grenn arriving with a wagon (in which she can ride) perhaps she'll.. finally see more of the world than the valley she was raised in.
Whatever.. could be on her mind, I wonder?

Featured Characters:
Chari-Artist - Atka
cloverisclover - Grenn (and Aether the Horse)

Waist up (15) + Full Body (20) + Non-Human (15) = (50) x Full Colour (5) = (250) + Simple Prop x2 (15x2=30) + Complex Propx2 (20x2=40) + Full Background (40) + Quest Bonus (50) = 410
(Complex: chest, bow. Simple: bed roll, lantern)

Art || Chari-Artist
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Fantastic work, Chari! I love the way you do your colours!

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Aw, thank you! ^^