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A Good Mobile Pokemon Game? (TF RP)
It looks like a new app for Pokemon has come out! Fortunately, it looks like all 7 generations have appeared on the game. (I'm looking at you, Pokemon GO.)
There also seems to be an 'altered reality' mode, which places a Pokemon where other people are standing in the app.
Unfortunately, to us, we don't know the effects of 'catching' your friends.
Who gets 'caught' by who?
Both of us catch each other, you catch me, or I catch you?
1. I will allow TG, AP, AR, Anthro, and MC. Anything else, ask me about it.
2. Respond with who's changing, and into which pokemon.
3. Please, try to put some effort in responses. No "..." or simple responses that don't make sense. Try to put in at least 5 or 6 words.
4. Decent grammar will be appreciated. If English isn't your first language, it's understandable.
To prove you read the rules, answer this: What is the ultimate answer to the ultimate question?
:iconpokefan-tf:Pokefan-Tf 11 16,562
The Curse (Pokemon TF RP) (CLOSED)
Since few days, you noticed that your friend Jason is acting weird. Every morning, you see him walking tired to his house. He tries to avoid any contact with humans. Especially at night. Also, his clothes are mostly tattered. However, you haven't figured out why. To spend some time with your friend and also to find out what is wrong with him, you invited him to spend the night together in a forest. One thing is sure. You will definitely regret that decision later...
- Only Pokemon are allowed. No legendaries and no fakemon please.
- Respond with at least four words. That means, NO one word replies.
- You can choose if your change should be permanent or if you will unwillingly shift between the Pokemon and the human form. (I highly recommend the second one but it's your choice)
- MC or slight MC is allowed. Other side effects are only allowed if your transformation is permanent.
- You can choose between three different scenarios:
1) Your change will be pernanent
2) You will unwil
:iconsoratheumbreon94:SoratheUmbreon94 17 12,168
GAME ON by cartoongirl7 GAME ON :iconcartoongirl7:cartoongirl7 120,286 13,068


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To be honest, I was just bored so I made this so I could have some fun. Here are some rules.

1. Name of Pokemon?
2. Who will TF?
3. No cursing!
4. No human to human or non-human to non-human Tfs.
5. no inappropriate stuff

To make sure you read the rules, answer this question: what is 9+10?


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