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Artist // Hobbyist // Digital Art
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About Me

Makoes here :D A little about me, hmmm.
I have a daughter born April 11th 2010, whom takes up a lot of my time. I have another daughter born July 2, 2015. Doubly busy now!
I have always loved drawing, and growing up not many pieces of school work escaped a doodle or two, from elementary school all the way to College, lol. I have always loved to draw. It’s only really been since 2013 that I’ve started to really focus more on my art.
Before that I was studying marine life, I use to do a lot of volunteer work with streams, rivers and ocean groups. However; after becoming pregnant with my first daughter, my life has taken a different focus.

To pay the bills I work in a grocery store as a cashier. At first it was a temporary job, something to pay the bills, but after 10 years, I think I am stuck there. Lol. I did meet my SO there and we have been together for almost 9 years now. Like me, he loves to draw, but where I focus on animals, he focuses on humanoids.

In 2013, I entered a raffle held by the Marandian group and won 3 horse designs and was then sucked into the world of HARPG! I’ve been drawing horses ever since! I may even have an addiction…lol.
Hmmm, what else…Let’s see, we have 2 cats, brothers. Mojo the Tabby and Numair the black cat. Mojo loves to play tag and be chased by kids, he’s the “wild” one. Numair on the other hand loves to snuggle, cuddle and hunt. We just got a pet fish as well, a blue male Betta named “Bitey” he is my daughters first pet.

When not being a Mom, housekeeper, zookeeper or referee, I enjoy playing World of Warcraft, pokemon and Flight Rising. I also love reading Fantasy books, sketching, and spending time outside.


Favourite Movies
Dragonheart, Finding Nemo,
Favourite Books
Anything by my favourite Authors
Favourite Writers
Brian Jacques, Tamora Pierce, PN Elrod, Salvator
Favourite Games
Pokemon and World of Warcraft
Favourite Gaming Platform
Playstation, Handhelds
Tools of the Trade
Pencil, paper, tablet, my imagination
Other Interests
Pokemon TCG

ARPG Directory

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PALE BOYO EDITION!!!! Lineage free Male ee/aa/Tt/nPan/WW/nC [-3] extreme Dominant White Tan, Pangare, -3 extreme Str[19] Int[22] Sta[21] Spe[31] Mov[21] Sur[19] Agl[19] Con[16] Tra[5] Tem[13] Minimal Lineage Male Aodh 703JD x Gipsy Danger 1409JD nAlb ee/aa/nB/nW/nHng [0] Mexico Kiss Albino over Siam true black with partial dominant white and hangman pattern 0 Mexico Kiss Mask Str[57] Int[30] Sta[42] Spe[6] Mov[19] Sur[32] Agl[18] Con[8] Tra[9] Tem[4] CLASSIC SHEDU CAT (50%)/ ASIAN SHEDU CAT (50%) Longer Lineage Male ee/Aa/Tt/nBrn/nB/nPrl/nZ/nW/nTi [-3] Silver siam single pearl tan with belly roan, partial dominant white and tiger pattern -3 Str[24] Int[20] Sta[21] Spe[20] Mov[27] Sur[24] Agl[24] Con[23] Tra[12] Tem[15] Rules: - Slot MUST be used in the FabFeb effected season 2021. Any unused slots will be nullified/lost. - No splits allowed! - Items are permitted - Only ONE slot per person - You must be a member of @SheduCats to participate How to
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Hmm not sure a conjured knight-in-a-ball is the best nose scratcher... team Creature Week
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SHEDU GROUP EVENT: Mediaval Faire Mini Event You can use my djibb(s) in the events, and in exchange you get a slot to the cat(s) you entered. -Art requirements: -Must meet Event requirements -Must be of your standard quality (or better) - to prevent fast/low effort art for slots. *If you want to enter the event, but don't really want a djibb, we can discuss alternate slot(s) options. Simply comment with the Cat(s) you want to enter the event with and which event(s) you are wanting to enter. As the events can be entered 3x with same cat Optional handlers: Lawrence Apri Ardan Djibbs to Lease:
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Hey, does this baby have a ref? I'd love to inquire about a slot. :D

Boucle Advent Calendar - 13th of Dec - closed.

She does not yet have a ref...someone offered to do it, but that was several months ago.

If you don't get one I'd be willing to toss together a fullbody ref for you?

I'd be up for that :)

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A silly drawing of your cat

Flight from Eclipse color
AS Midnight Dancer by Caterang8
Ref to do ASAP