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Blue Bird Layer Paint

Haven't been able to do any studies on my desktop computer due to discomfort from my chair. So I'm painting more on the tablet in layerpaint. Decided to finish the Blue Bird I started last weekend. 2 hours today, about a hour or so last week. I have a few more bird images planned like this, I want to be able to do all the birds I can see in my backyard. ^^ Neat little studies they are.

About Florida Eastern Blue Birds
Only one of 3 American species of Blue Bird can be found in Florida and that's the Eastern Blue Bird. The Eastern Blue Bird are common in the northern parts of the state and in the panhandle. Unfortunately today an exotic non- native species of the European Starlings and House Sparrows reduced the Eastern Blue Bird Species in the southern regions of Florida. Nesting competitions of the colliding birds have virtually driven the Eastern Blue Bird out of the state completely. Conservation efforts and education of the Eastern Blue Bird were set up in the 1960's and since then an established population of the Eastern Blue Bird still exists in the north, however more effort can be made to help this bird. For example hanging Blue Bird nest boxes in back yards and along highways in rural areas can help increase the Eastern Blue bird population. If you live in Florida please do what you can and educate those around you about our native species!

For more information about the Florida Eastern Blue Bird please visit:
Florida Blue Bird Society

Time: 3 hours
Program: Layer Paint…
On Galaxy Note 10.1 Tablet…

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HiyoriNoHiyo's avatar
This is so beautiful!
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Wow. I was looking up bird on Google Images. I found this. This is amazing work. The rendering is so beautiful and realistic. It is even in digital painting, which is the medium I use. I am examining the picture closely to figure out how you painted it. I am trying to learn how to render the unique feathery texture of birds. I would like to look at more of your pictures. I am working on a digital painting of a bird I made up. It is called a fengelo. I am using pictures of real birds as a reference.
Luspear-Soram's avatar
Hey! I just uploaded my picture, in case anyone is interested. I am surprised I was able to do a picture this good in one setting. Thanks so much for the help.

:happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: 
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Hiya Luspear, I just got your message. Daw I'm very happy you enjoy this work and that it helped inspire you. I did show a build up process of the wood pecker here: Downy Woodpecker Paint Process which was similar to how I approached this blue bird.  This whole series was a learning experiment. I think as I went I got more detailed and confident.  I do live streaming and help teach more of my process here: and my calendar when I stream is listed here…

Sry for the link dump but I wanted to mention it because its a lot easier to show and explain then to describe it. I hope to see you on sometime ^^ 
Luspear-Soram's avatar
Thanks for the resources and help. I am a bit preoccupied with practicing my art. However, when I am ready to learn more, I have sources. Thanks for the links. I also got a bunch of art books for my birthday.
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Oh also you might also like to check out and watch some of his videos. he has an teaching approach I particularly enjoy. 
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awesome, I highly recommend taking the time and putting your own projects to the side to studying the masters. Also doing studies for the sake of learning values, different textures, anatomy of different subjects. This helped me break out of my own comfort zone. Study from life more then from books if you can. Books give you guidance and a place to start, but life will always be the number 1 best resource. 
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Your bird drawings are absolutely amazing! They all look so sweet and full of vibrant color! Amazing work!
JocelyneR's avatar
Beautiful results! Amazing work!  :heart:
Cypselurus's avatar
Lovely colors! 
TheSoullessChild's avatar
I love the color of the feathers
TheWolfNamedCc's avatar
aw this is so cute! I love the colors and the expression in the eyes :)
MadeWithLove8's avatar
Very beautiful!  I feel like there is quite too much pure white to look natural (it feels a little more like a washed out photo.  Also there's that harsh dark line between the birds left side and the background.  With that being said though, it's still a nice piece!  
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really beautiful work Char and I would say this looks like a kingfisher:…
Leia1987's avatar
Another lovely bird you drew! I love how you use colours :D

Something i noticed, the little pink flowers on the branch, i think the colours don't suit the colour palette with the rest of the painting (specially the bird). I dont know if it just me or not? Maybe make the flowers a little more orangy / red?
petia84's avatar
I love it! And the colors are so bright!<3
muzski's avatar
Superb, Char. The feathers and the colouring work very well.
GCBelsey's avatar
O.O so bright!!! It looks almost 3D - beautiful work! :D
stolterman's avatar
I keep finding myself looking at this and stopping in my own work. It's hypnotic! So beautiful
charfade's avatar
XD I really hate when that happens! Thank yous! :hug:
trizzzcentrino's avatar
another great painting from charfade, nothing can stop her not even "THE(uncomfortable) CHAIR"
charfade's avatar
yeah I really need to get a better chair for home T_T took my normal one to work for awhile.
trizzzcentrino's avatar
ha ha, goodluck finding a comfy chair, i need to find myself one too but it is really hard to find one that fits me ^^
daPatches's avatar
I love the bright, happy colors!
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