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SCP-3359 The Dry Guy

By charcoalman
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Holy shit a Mummy SCP!

I love Mummy's they do not get enouth respect. they are fantastic and fun monsters and anyone who says there just Egyptian zombies needs a good slap
Mummy's can kick most zombies asses. no one disrespects my Mummy's  
Hope you lads enjoy my new work had a lot of fun making this one.
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© 2020 - 2021 charcoalman
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Any relation to the Shy Guy?

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I believe it's actually spelled mummies, not mummy's.

Mummy's is when you're saying "the mummy's curse"

Just wanted to help you out there.
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I mean....the name....just so many inappropriate jokes XD

But yeah, I like mummies, but they aren't really done justice by most creators.

My favourite one has to be Boris Karloff's portrayal of Imhotep. Just the way he acts as this thousand year old walking corpse guised as a normal human is pretty haunting.

Too bad every version of a mummy afterwards is either some goofy motherfucker wrapped up in bandages or some superpowerful magician thing that turns the movie into more of an action film than a horror film.

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Lichs > revenants > mummies > zombies

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Mummies are one of the Best Undeads in dnd, they are great and powerful, this would be perfect for one

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But mummy's are my least favorite monsters. They're just boring and not really that scary.

Werewolves, vampires, zombies, and ghosts have overshadowed them.

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