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SCP-001 When Day Breaks

By charcoalman
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Here comes the sun.....

Oh hey I finally did an OO1!
When Day Breaks is one of the best OO1's ever made. I'm split between When day breaks and The factory as my headcanon for 001 but I love it either way
It's just the perfect end of the world. one with no hope or chance of salvation.
Now....come with me. the sun is beautiful today
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The only article on the entire site that genuinely terrifies me. I am SO GLAD that this isn't actually real and never will be real.

Meanwhile, I like to think this is the poor D-Class who tried to distract the Monsters of the Broken Day, killed himself, and got brought back to life by the sun.


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Nice Art! Not how I personnaly envision it but still, a nice interpertation. You Mentioned this being one of your headcannons for 001. Not to insult you but how do you think that works seeing as it's mere existence very quickly leads to the end of the world? Did they leave 001 blank, Did 001 use to be something else then they changed 001 to the sun or something else entirely?

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There's no definitive 001. Instead, there's a bunch of proposals for it that usually spell the Foundation's origin (but not always, like with WDB). The multiple entries are used to confuse people into wondering which one's the real one, and which of the rest are decoys.

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I aware of that. The artist here stated "When Day Breaks" is his personal headcanon for the 'real' SCP-001 in the description (along with "The Factory"). I was asking him how he thought that would work in his headcanon seeing as "When Day Breaks" in his words is "Just the perfect end of the world. One with no hope or chance of salvation". Sorry for the misunderstanding.

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i wonder scp-049-2 is gonna look like or scp-096

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It's looks like Richie from Gray Matter by Stephen King.

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He looks like he's made of blood

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Despite this SCP may be fake to hide the real 001, "When Day Breaks" is, along with 4666 "The Yule man" is one of the few SCP's that really left me terrified and scared

your art style fits perfectly to portray SCP's

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Same. Especially the way Dr. Bob drew it ;-;

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One of the major issues I have with the entire SCPverse is due to how extremely unstable it is with so many K-class scenario events like this one it would have ended or stopped existing a long time ago and it might as well not exist at all in the first place.

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you know what dude I agree with you because they don't give us an explanation on why the sun went crazy

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Yeah, alot of these K-Class scenario SCPs are memes playing on the idea that the world and even the entire universe could end without warning thus there's no explanation to why the Sun suddenly goes bad because it's really intended to be a spontaneous and a completely random event which is supposed to show that we're really nothing more than a insignificant speck in a cold uncaring universe as if our entire lives are meaninglessness and a cosmic joke.

It's basically existential nihilism amped up to eleven by comical levels since SCPs are after all edgy 4Chan memes by their origin.

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Fate worse than death

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Love your take on this SCP! One of my favourite entries and my favourite SCP-001 idea.

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Man, and I thought the regular fanart of the SCP-001-A entities were scary, You have Proven me wrong once again, Amazing Fanart as always

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