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RPC 979 Arachkids

By charcoalman
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Spider kid...Spider kid! dose what ever a spider kid dose.

Hey finally did more RPC. they have a lot of cool stuff now. I really liked this one.
It's creepy and weird. just the kind of shit I love. and who doesn't like spiders huh?
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great testicle chelicerae

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Hey, mind if I make this in a more 3D form? Not modeling, but more like editing, like my newest post.

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Yay! I just got done with the head. I'll credit the design.

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Really loved this one. Reminds me of a yokai called "Jorogumo", albeit this one seems like a variant that has evolved to prey upon children.

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This is cool, but it kinda bugs me that the article says they only have 6 eyes,they look way better like this with 8

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What’s that pokémon?

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Trump, Clinton and Epstein: "You are ours, little girl."

RCP 979: "*laugh* You felt into my trap" *transforms into the spider*

T, C and E: *run away*

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Must be a hunting tactic

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it is. these spiders pretend to be children to eat real children.

There full on spiders besides having human child faces and hands at the tips of there legs.

They also have mind powers so they can read there victims minds in order to make it easier to lure them.

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Are there ones for adults?

By the way, I made a meme/rant about Confinement Episode 7 and I want to hear your opinion on it:

Spongebob Confinement meme
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nope they only hunt kids.

And lol that's funny I'm looking forward to the new episode.

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Did you at least read the rant? I didn't find that scene funny. I thought it was a fate worse than death being played for a sick joke. I may have a dark sense of humor, but even I have standards

I also had a little crossover with Mortal Kombat and Confinement involving Baraka and Natalie:

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I don't know I dont mind that kind of stuff as long as it's funny I don't care how dark it is.

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Well, when David Cronenberg, John Carpenter, and pretty much every 1980s film director created stuff like that, they played it for horror and tragedy

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Dude, chill, in a setting full of lovecraftian deities, unpreddictable artifacts that could wipe out the universe as we know it and other spine-tingling monstrosities, there's got to be some black comedy.

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I admit, this is actually kinda scary in a way
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