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Feraligatr Fart RP
One day, you we're with feraligatr in his bedroom.You knew that he was lactose intolerant so when he drinks milk or eats dairy, he gets very gassy and bloated. So one day you hid all the other drinks and foods except for the dairy products. So he went to the refrigerator and questioned why everything was gone. You answered by saying animals came and ate it all except for the dairy products. So feraligatr just sighed and drinked the milk and ate some yogurt and ice cream. So you already know that this stuff would kick in when he falls asleep. So he went to your bedroom and said that he wanted to sleep in there tonight. You obviously said he could. So feraligatr just lied down on the bed with you and soon enough, he fell asleep. (Continue from here please. Btw you can be willing if you want to. No scat or 18+ allowed)
:iconcharamur:CharaMur 3 343
Lugia fart rp
You we're walking apon a very empty beach, or well what felt like a empty beach till all the sudden, you see a Lugia sleeping. When you got close to it, he grabbed you with his tail and shoved you right to his butt. (Start here please)
:iconcharamur:CharaMur 6 490
(you choose a character) Fart RP
You can make up the story so make a comment of how this rp starts! Enjoy!
:iconcharamur:CharaMur 4 286
Dangit...  by CharaMur Dangit... :iconcharamur:CharaMur 0 0 Maxed base! (private server) by CharaMur Maxed base! (private server) :iconcharamur:CharaMur 0 0
Meinshao Fart RP
You and mein we're walking to your house. When you got inside, mein pinned you to a couch and her stomach gurgled. She then wickedly laughed and said, "You are gonna be gases tonight he he" she sat right on your face very deeply and she grinned. (Start here please)
:iconcharamur:CharaMur 3 71
Finger Reveal xd by CharaMur Finger Reveal xd :iconcharamur:CharaMur 0 4
Floatzel fart RP
You and floatzel we're about to jump in the pool when all the sudden his stomach gurgled. You weren't able to hear it so you jumped in with him. (Start here please)
:iconcharamur:CharaMur 4 345
Dang, awesome ^^ by CharaMur Dang, awesome ^^ :iconcharamur:CharaMur 0 0 My base ^^ by CharaMur My base ^^ :iconcharamur:CharaMur 0 2 my deck ^^ by CharaMur my deck ^^ :iconcharamur:CharaMur 0 10
Charizard Fart RP
You and charizard were asleep when all the sudden his tail raps around you body and pulls you close to his butt. Now your face is trapped against his butt. (Start here please)
:iconcharamur:CharaMur 4 498
Pokemon Vore
You we're in a cave when all the sudden you see (chosen Pokemon) standing there. What do you do?
1.go over there
2.yell out something away
:iconcharamur:CharaMur 6 350
Zoroark Vore RP
You we're walking in the woods when all the sudden you see a zoroark sleeping, what do you do next?
1.Pet him nicely
2.Hit him hard
3.try to put yourself in his mouth
4.Wake him up with a loud voice
Enjoy!  :D
:iconcharamur:CharaMur 1 581
Mature content
Glaceon fart RP :iconcharamur:CharaMur 8 290
Leafeon fart RP
You and leafeon we're in you bedroom laying down when all the sudden, you hear leafeon's stomach gargle. What do you do next?
1.get behind his butt
2.ask what's wrong
3.ask what was that.
Enjoy! :3
:iconcharamur:CharaMur 3 299


She is a n g e r y by Lazuli177 She is a n g e r y :iconlazuli177:Lazuli177 17 17 Legendary brawlers | Brawl Stars by Lazuli177 Legendary brawlers | Brawl Stars :iconlazuli177:Lazuli177 41 9 Rex the anthro T-rex by Rexthegassygarchomp Rex the anthro T-rex :iconrexthegassygarchomp:Rexthegassygarchomp 2 0
Typhlosion Fart RP
I am a Typhlosion, who has recently ate a lot of food. Feeling proud of my big gassy butt, I show it off. You manage to see it, what do you do?
(Choose your species and my gender)
:iconcyaofoo:Cyaofoo 11 292
Touch by Lattynskit Touch :iconlattynskit:Lattynskit 275 98 FattyMcGrumpyzard by teaselbone FattyMcGrumpyzard :iconteaselbone:teaselbone 394 42 Sleepy Lucario by teaselbone Sleepy Lucario :iconteaselbone:teaselbone 345 10 Braixen Sleepin by teaselbone Braixen Sleepin :iconteaselbone:teaselbone 297 7 Time for More Pie! by teaselbone Time for More Pie! :iconteaselbone:teaselbone 181 21 Grumpy Goat by teaselbone Grumpy Goat :iconteaselbone:teaselbone 233 10 Bowser Day Bunz! by teaselbone Bowser Day Bunz! :iconteaselbone:teaselbone 253 39 My Sona: Benzarth Thornwood by Silverstar1000 My Sona: Benzarth Thornwood :iconsilverstar1000:Silverstar1000 6 0 AcidRenamon ID by AcidRenamon AcidRenamon ID :iconacidrenamon:AcidRenamon 116 67 Flareon by homa-Nix Flareon :iconhoma-nix:homa-Nix 246 16 Gassy Pokmon Friends RP by KirkLHTC4150 Gassy Pokmon Friends RP :iconkirklhtc4150:KirkLHTC4150 17 9



Add me on Fortnite. My name in game is cloutkid304_
Watch "Didnt win this match, but it was alright" on YouTube
The following page says:    CharaMur: "What do you think your doing?! *starts to beg him to stop*  RoyalKing: " *shallows CharaMur down throat and burps loudly*  CharaMur:  "W-why... Did you do that? :(".   The End of Royal King Vore (BTW I didn't draw them swallowing each cuz I'm not good at drawing that kind of stuff so sorry if it looks stupid) hopefully you guys enjoyed my story and drawing I created!  :D
embedded_item1486616572391 by CharaMur


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----------Updated 3/20/18---------- How's your day? Heck, you know the jiffey, im not as active as i used to be. I still come on this app occasionally. Like I've said before, you need to let me know if you want to rp or not. Anyways, have a magnificent time. I'll see yall on the flipside! Stay fancy~ <3. :3


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