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[12/12/18] Just updating this to let newer members know about our folders (and give older members a reminder about them)!


Thank you all for your help on the previous journal! Your input helps the group get better!
That being said, let us introduce to you the new gallery folders!

:bulletgreen: It's me, Chara. :bulletgreen:
A folder for art that includes solo Chara.

:bulletgreen: A great partner. :bulletgreen:
Here goes anything that includes Chara and Frisk. The occasional Chisk might appear too.

:bulletgreen: Your best friend. :bulletgreen:
Art that includes Chara and Asriel/Flowey.

:bulletgreen: SAVE :bulletgreen:
Here goes anything that includes Chara, Frisk and Asriel/Flowey.

:bulletgreen: A family photograph. :bulletgreen:
Everything with the Dreemurr family goes in here. Frisk can be in it too!

:bulletgreen: A group photograph. :bulletgreen:
This one is pretty self-explanatory, I think! Art including Chara and multiple characters.

:bulletgreen: Substitute partners :bulletgreen:
Chara with another character who is not Frisk/any Dreemurr.

:bulletgreen: Charaverse :bulletgreen:
Any AU Charas and crossovers go here!

:bulletgreen: Writing covers the walls. :bulletgreen:
From drabbles to fanfics, from theories to essays, all writing goes here!

:bulletgreen: Multi-page comics :bulletgreen:
Pretty self explanatory, I think.
(NOTE: Oneshot comic strips go to other folders based on which characters are in them.)

:new: :bulletgreen: KFC :bulletgreen: :new:
A folder for art where the three humans (Kris, Frisk and Chara) all appear together!

These are all for now! They might get updated in the future, if we see that it's needed.
If there's any confusion, or you're just not sure where to put your art, feel free to ask us about it in the comments below!

:heart: Chara-23 by Kaweii Stay determined!! Chara-23 by Kaweii:heart:

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Hey, um can I suggest on of my pieces of art or no?