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[17/2/19] A reminder that these exist, please make sure to read them before submitting. [/]


Over the past few days, I've received complaints from our fellow Co-Founders talking about the content that is being submitted to the group's gallery, and I agree with them completely. The situation seems to be getting worse, with people ignoring the group's rules- which are stated in our homepage, where everyone can see them. So I'm making a point of reminding all of you of them, making them clearer and adding a bit to them.

First and foremost, probably the most important rule, and the group's purpose:

In whatever form of art you submit, Chara must be depicted in a positive light. This group supports the idea that Chara is not some bloodthirsty, genocidal demon out to take Frisk's SOUL. This must be clear in the fanwork you submit. Evil!Chara submissions will be declined.

Other Submission Guidelines that must be taken into account:

:bulletred: This group will not accept any deviations that include sexually explicit content, nor any that ship minor characters(children- aged-up or otherwise) with adults under any circumstances. We want this group to be a safe place for everyone.
:bulletred: Submissions that include Violence/Gore/Ideologically Sensitive Material/Sensitive themes(e.g. suicide, self-harm) in general must have a Mature Content warning on them.
:bulletred: Chara must be included in your submission.
:bulletred: Please submit to the correct folder!

"So, what is allowed in the group's gallery?"
:bulletred: Cutesy/fluffy/familial stuff is totally 100% a-okay!
:bulletred: Narrator!Chara, Redemption!Chara, just plain non-evil Chara
:bulletred: Literally anything else other than the things I mentioned at the begining of this journal?

Rules regarding in-group interactions:
:bulletred: Be nice to eachother! We are here to defend a scapegoat character and spread positivity not only for them, but for the fandom as well!
:bulletred: Please refer to Chara(and Frisk, if need be) with they/them/their pronouns! Outside the group you have all the freedom to use whatever pronouns you chose, but by using they/them in here you are being respectful to and inclusive of everyone, and we would appreciate it.

I guess that's it. For now.
Thank you for reading!

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Hey thanks for making this group in the first place. Though I haven't been accepted into it yet I like the theme of it. Having someplace to state it without people being mean about it. Chara's nice and good. They sacrificed them-self for the sake of monster-kind. Even if others see them as a genocidal maniac. We can stand up peacefully!

And nice rules by the way.