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This has not really something to do with ME.
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I don't want create watches or clicks on my own DA Profile with this feature. We are just doing a group feature. So sorry folks.
warforged scholar
Volga Bulgar
Maryana - Human Bard/Paladin
Jude, Human Warlock
Eastern lizardman - Higanbana
Lucerna Bellator
Mage Beko
Viking Conqueror
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Submission Guidelines - Please read before you submit!

Welcome to Character Library. We collect different character design. Please free to submit your character.

Submission Rules:

We Accept Full Body Character Design.
Wir wünschen Ganzkörper-Bilder.

For example:

Mature Content

Female Hunter by Legacy666legacy
Vereesa Windrunner edit. by toosensitivepurr Yaungolian Monk by PalehornTea Forest Maiden by laloon Chibuzo tribe concepts by NikolayAsparuhov

Detailed Rules:

:bulletpurple: We love to see character design, so make sure the character does not look too ordinary. Yes, your OCs may have a complex story, but if the design is not speaking to us, it's not a good submission here and maybe it get declined. The character does not need to be very special, don't worry. If you are unsure, just submit, but please don't be angry if it is declined.

:bulletpurple: NO WIPs! Sketches and Linearts only with a high amount of details and not too low quality. Only finished works.

:bulletpurple: If there is more than one character on the submission it will be declined. ONLY ONE CHARACTER! If there are more than one Character but all have the same theme, similar design, clearly visible, then you can try to submit and we decide if it is ok to accept it.

:bulletpurple: 2 submissions per month

:bulletpurple: If your work is declined, you can ask why on the submission approval (not via note, not in the comments section here - if we can't see your submission and all meta data (where have you submitted to etc. we can't answer your question).

:bulletpurple: Clean background is favorable.

Declined Situation:
:bulletpurple: It is more like an illustration rather than character design.
:bulletpurple: too few clothes (almost nude).
:bulletpurple: Wrist-up is only accepted when there is an extraordinary decoration, e.g. crown, jewelry, armor etc.
:bulletpurple: Head profile is no longer accepted.
:bulletpurple: Line-art is sometimes declined.
:bulletpurple: Unclear draft will be declined.
:bulletpurple: Repeated character may be declined.
:bulletpurple: Not enough visual and written input do be sorted. If you don't know what it is and we don't see it, it is declined. Talk to us, name your design!


Recent Journal Entries

Gallery Folders

Redesigned Monster (Megan) by warydraws
OC character -  Runar by zecarlos
Mila IV by ObsidianTrance
Commission by SoulFir3fly
Sorting Folder
[CLOSED Auction] Mienna: crazy girl by HelgErich
~ADOPT AUCTION~ [only 3 OPEN] [[paypal]] by Wolfbirdie
Character highlight: Baroness Henrietta by MidnightDJ-SK
Medabot highlight: KV-103 'The fallen King' by MidnightDJ-SK
[OC] Blue Swordsman by Lexurost
COMMISSION: Loreen Silverdawn by Andecaya
COMMISSION: Ayanna by Andecaya
Flower Guardians: Throne Agent Brassica by MidnightDJ-SK
Sci-Fi and Cyberpunk
Melpo by BKarlin
Vision by BKarlin
Xanji #3 by adscomics
Character highlight: Specialist Rosaline Black by MidnightDJ-SK
Eulenhexe by Feivelyn
Kobayashi Ren by Linwaud
[close] auction by DValian by DValian
Sea Oceans Mermaid Pirates
Poseidon. Hades by ShumsterArt
Underwater Date by BYBcool
Sea Eyes  by Manticora-Miorro
Asian or Eastern
KAME (OC) by LLish
Ukraine by Kuroguns
[close] auction by DValian by DValian
Samuraia- original character  by MarceloMinotto42
India Persia Egypt Africa
'22 Jindeel by young-lyndis
Fancy Mage Dude by Feivelyn
[CLOSED] Sketch adopt: auction #2 by finegold
Commission: The Oracle by barn-swallow
Wide West and Latin American
The Woman in Black by Yneddt
Aukai (OC) / Character Sheet by Juanjosexd
Aukai (OC) by Juanjosexd
Sky Fire Opal - Tabaxi Monk\Druid by ReallyBadWeather
European 14-19C
Mila IV by ObsidianTrance
lady musketeer by eika127
Fancy Mage Dude by Feivelyn
ref - emperor muir by Smooshkin
Introducing Locca! by Lowspeccboi
Modern Fantasy Superhero Postapocalyptic
The Bounty Hunter by ElPlimo
Steam and Diesel Punk
[INDUSTRIAL SORCERY] Louis and Finnegan by Madomon
Meeting the Navigator by Novastralis
Dresses and outfits
OPEN FIX PRICE OUTFIT ADOPTABLE 75$ set 52 by iononion
[OPEN Auction] NonameKnight by HelgErich
Character Design Sci-fi by Luk999
Archer Ranger Crossbowmen
Ivar (OC) by Juanjosexd
Barbarian or Berserker
OC character -  Runar by zecarlos
[OC] Blue Mage (2022) by Lexurost
Angels and Deamons
Lovely Devil boy [CLOSED AUCTION] by kurduplek
COMMISSION: Loreen Silverdawn by Andecaya
Pixie, Fairy and Goblin
Redesigned Monster (Gracie) by warydraws
Dark Horror Undead
OMO Automaton by DanielGnzMtnz

Mature Content

Tiefling OC by ElPlimo
Regaliniparteuni by Dazielhedg
School Maid Lolita
[ClOSE] auction #2 by DValian by DValian
Adoptable #53 auction CLOSED by Grimlai
Monster Non-Humanoid Furries etc
easter time by Wardux
Creatures - Warm
Lorras Reference Sheet (2022) by spiidder
Creatures - Cold Blood
Adopt Auction : Fire Dragon [OPEN] by Farawayfa
galatea the robot girl by ettogun
Riders Cavalry Mounts
Okra+Nemu by gibs-arts





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