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✦ { Welcome to CharacterAdopters } ✦

An ever-growing group for all your adoptable needs and more!
Here you can buy or sell Adoptables, Commissions, and YCHs.

Join requests are automatically accepted!

[General Rules]

- Do not advertise in the group comments.
- Stolen or traced art is not allowed.
- Do not harass admins or members.
- Please note the group or reply to the highlighted comment below for any questions, concerns, full folders, etc.

[Submission Rules]

- Submit to the correct folder.
- Remove your submission if it's closed.
- 'Open' must be somewhere in the title.

Folders Last Cleaned
April 3, 2021




[Not Allowed]

- Non-group related artwork
- Finished Commissions or YCHs
- Extra adopt artwork
- Off-Brand/Knock-Off species adopts
- Low-quality pictures of traditional art
- Adopt reminders
- Uncensored mature/nsfw adopts, commissions, or YCHs
- Game maker adopts (GaiaOnline, Picrew, etc)
- Uncredited base adopts

[Why was my submission declined?]

- Didn't have "Open" in the title.
- Had "Closed", "Pending", or "Hold" in the title.
- Was submitted to the wrong folder.
- Was something we don't allow submitted in the group
(see 'Not Allowed' section above)

If you're unsure why your submission was declined, please feel free to ask!




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