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Character Perceptions

Perceptions: The glasses we all wear, whether we even realize it or not, distort our vision of the world around us and are filtered through our senses that give each and every one of us a unique perspective.

Perceptions alone can add an entire 4th dimension to your character. A common flaw when creating a character is to have everyone treat them in the same way - friends, lovers, enemies... People are distinctive from each other, and so, even when viewing the same object, are very likely to have completely different things to say about it.

For example, say you overhear a conversation among two people, one who happily proclaims someone as trustworthy, steadfast, and never lets them down. While at the same time, the other complains of someone who is foolish, gullible, and never learns from their mistakes.

Certainly sound quite different, aren't they? Just hearing these people's impressions of the people could change the way you feel even before you meet them. And yet, they could very well be describing the same person.

That's the interesting thing about perceptions. It forces you to look at them at many different angles, and see them in different ways. And probably neither of the opinions in the above example are true in entirety, and were both exaggerated, but both make valid points.

It is important to remember that not all characters will think of each other in the same way, and seeing them clashing in different ways is half the fun of them. One person may see your serial killer as a heartless monster, while others may see him as a hero. Don't presume that your readers will automatically like a character, and heaven forbid, don't force them to! Let the world you built tell about your character, and let them figure it out for themselves.

That is the purpose of this character sheet, to open up several new dimensions to your character that you may have never even thought of before.

And by no means, feel limited by this character sheet. Fill it out for every character they encounter, their whole family, or their 16 different lovers. You can have these perceptions be hypothetical, or find a character in the story that can fit each and every category. Maybe they can fill more than one! And don't feel like you have to answer every question or any of them at all! Those are just suggestions to get the creative juices flowing. Just try seeing them from a different perspective. Their opinion may surprise you.
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This is an excellent chart. Thank you!

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This is really useful,thank you!
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Wow, thank you for sharing :) Didn't realize there are so many character-building references on Deviant Art :)
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This is great! Character development is the number #1 important thing for me when it comes to a story.
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this is supporting for my story thanks.:) (Smile) 
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This is really great! Thank you for making this!
Found this thorugh Fuck Yeah! Character Development (Why prefacing things with the term "Fuck Yeah" has become a thing, I don't know.  Tumblr is wierd, and I guess the folks there think the word Fuck is some god-send of a word...).

Source: fuckyeahcharacterdevelopment.t…
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Found this through a masterpost of references. Super useful! Thanks!
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Well thought out, and well expressed. As a writer, I can always use a good idea on different perspectives. Thank you.
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This is really helpful omg, thank you a lot !! oAo 
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This is beautiful. Thank you *u*
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I've never thought of this before!  Thank you.  I'm adding it to favorites :D
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Very helpful, well done!
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the post-mortem one hurt me :'( the majority of my OCs would be forgotten or hated after death. this is a great set of questions though, thanks.
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This is actually useful. I have a character that does have other characters have a different view of them. But unfortunately, most of my characters fall into the 'one view from everyone' category. .__.,
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This was an awesome idea!
As an aspiring author, I truthfully thank you. Of course I was aware that it's impossible for everyone to see a character the same way. Humans are complex creatures, and the way someone sees a certain person can vary, but so can the side of you you show to different people. I always try and make my characters complex beings, think of them as people, rather than characters, and who knows, make them, in one way or another, relatable to the reader. However I also know that I can get swept up, because like you said, I have my own perception, and sometimes I might lose trach of myself while writing.
I really think this sheet can help greatly in not losing trach of all the different dimensions and faces of a character.
Thanks again for the awespme help! >XD
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Well done!  This is very well thought out.
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This is very helpful, I am sure that you are helping a lot of people this way! :D
Well done :3
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Very useful, thank you! :)
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thank you, i prefer to be asked the questions it makes its much more easier :D
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Very useful - it cleared up things in my head. Thanks !
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