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Big-Ass Character Sheet (Updating)
by ~Character-Resource, Jun 10, 2010, 2:17:08 PMLiterature / Characters & Settings / Contemporary / Profiles
Date: 6/28/2013
Full Name: kurohebi uchiha 
Pronunciation: kuro-hebi uchiha
Meaning: black snake sasuke
Origin: i like snakes
Title: no
Pet Name: serpent, psycho
ID Number: 9
Signature: not good handwriting
Gender: male
Gender Role: i dont understand
Orientation: straight
Real Age: 25
Age App
:icondemonicsnake:demonicsnake 1 0
Big-Ass Character Sheet-meme: Hakuro
Verse:  The world she lives in doesn’t even have a name. It’s a world full of fantasy creatures; demons, elves, gods, humans… But let’s concentrate on her homeland instead. She lives in a land of the Fox (demon) Tribe far in the east. The land is mainly populated by fox demons whose daily life is pretty much the same as humans. Except for their magic tricks.
Date: 18.7.2013
Full Name: Hakuro Lassassassa  (born Kada)
Pronunciation: Pronounced in the Japanese way.” Hakuro” and “Kada” are Japanese names after all. Her last name might be a bit, uh, complicated if you are not Finnish. But here’s a phonetic help:  [lᴧssᴧssᴧssᴧ].
Nickname/Alias:  Hakke, Haku, Hakku, Harri… etc etc. The most used is Hakke.
Meaning: “Hakuro” means “glistening dew” in Japanese.
Origin: I had heard the name countless of times before I even thought about this character. The name Hakuro ap
:iconkorpikuu:Korpikuu 3 0
PnF OC~~Kristine Frisby Official Profile
FULL NAME: Kristine Frisby
MEANING: Kristine = Christian. Frisby = Locality.
NICKNAME: Kris (Most Known) Tina (By Jay when she's annoyed)
MEANING: Kris = Her most known nickname. Tina = Nickname by her younger siblings.
RESIDENCE: Denmark; Transferrs to Danville for reasons specified in Biography.
BIRTHDAY: September 9th
SPECIES: Human--Danish/French
GENDER: Female
WAY OF SPEAKING: Very eloquent, soft and smooth; a heavy Danish accent is present
THEME SONG(S): ??? (Seriously need suggestions on theme)
HAIR COLOR: Pale Blonde
EYESIGHT: Nearsighted; wears contacts
HEIGHT: When standing, is Ani's height. Is usually sitting.
OUTFIT/CLOTHING STYLE: Simple, feminine clothing; usually just wears simple, casual dresses or skirts+blouses, often with an oce
:iconemotegalxd:EmoteGalXD 11 30
My Therapist
Verse: Me, Myself, and I (The universe in my head ._. Until I find a better place for her.)
Date: Oct 28, 2012
Full Name: Kena Lucia Abbot
Pronunciation: Kay-nuh Loo-see-uh Ab-bot
Nickname/Alias: Thera (Oftentimes her clients don't know her actual name (she is rather secretive), so they just shorten "therapist"), Doctor
Meaning: Greatest champion
Origin: The name just came to me.
Title: Dr.
Pet Name: None
ID Number: None
Signature: Mostly messy, slanted
Gender: Female
Gender Role: Both feminine and masculine; masculine in her work setting, feminine in her home setting
Orientation: Bisexual
Real Age: 34
Age Appearance: 28
Birthday: January 24, 1978
Deathday: None
Birthplace: Potomac, Maryland
Astrological Sign: Aquarius
Zodiac Sign: Snake
Immediate Family: Holly and Kara Abbot (Mother and older sister)
Distant Family: Grandparents Abbot (Father's family, Lisa and Charles); Grandparents Fletcherson (Mother's family, George and Martha); Aunts Karina Coolidge (Abbot) and Frusia Fletcherson
:iconciao-arrivederci:Ciao-Arrivederci 1 12
OC - Drill Mccall
Verse: "The dying Domain of the Unknown"
Date: N/A
Full Name: Drill Mccall
Pronunciation: Dri-ll Mc-caw
Nickname/Alias: Berserk, Small-boy, Mystery
Meaning: Drill, Meaning what the object name of it usually is. a Drill, and Mccaw, being a last name i made up.. will beee... Sharp. or crisp. Often given as a adjective to a food, like sharp cheese, or crisp water.
Origin: Drill, based off a name of someone i know irl, and Mccaw... off of a last name genorator. ovo
Title: N/A
Pet Name: Small-boy, Mama's boy. Pretty boy
ID Number: S-16-6
Signature: Sloopy cursive, but still understandable
Gender: Male
Gender Role: Masculine
Orientation: Straight
Real Age: 16
Age Appearance: 12 (due to having such a childish looking face, and child-like innocence)
Birthday: Jan-7-1996
Deathday: N/A
Birthplace: N/A
Immediate Family: Raven Mccall (Raven's the mother.. aand mostly raised Drill due to a devorce. so his father would go in the Distant...right?)
Distant Family: Uri Mccall
Parenting: Mostly strict,
:iconprincessnatsu:PrincessNatsu 1 3
Fc - Clare - 01 - Hedgehog - Human
Verse: Mobious(I think that counts)
Date: (The date this sheet was completed.)
Full Name: (Past names-)Cloud (The Hedgehog), Clare(The hedgehog) (Current name-) Clear (The hedgehog)
Pronunciation: CL-OUD, CL-AIR, CL-EAR
Nickname/Alias: (IDs-) Clear, Clare (Nicknames-) Runt, Boss, Demon.
Meaning: Clare = Clear (Hense the ID XD) (Real name-) Cloud =..well...the clouds in the sky. .-.
Origin: I forget how i came up with Cloud. .-. ....I think i was a big FF fan in the past, Anyways, I came up with Clare, A quick name change from Cloud due to my good friend having a character with the same name, And then, After clare changed her identity due to some life changes (Not gonna go into detail), Her new name is the meaning of Clare, Clear.
Title: (N/A)
Pet Name: (N/A)
ID Number: 2329
Signature: Neat, pretty, and uses cursive all the time, Unless shes writing with her Left hand, then its like chicken stratches.
Gender: Female
Gender Role: A normal balence of both.
Orientation: Stright
Real Age: 5
:iconprincessnatsu:PrincessNatsu 1 0
Tama's long character sheet
Verse: Ao No Exorcist
Date: June 19, 2012
Full Name: Satomi, Toyo tama-hime
Pronunciation: Sah-toe-me, Toy-oh, Tah-mah, Him-eh
Nickname/Alias: Prefers everyone calls her Tama, introducing herself as such
Meaning: Toyo tama-hime means luminous pearl princess (which is why she dislikes it)
Origin: Japanese
Pet Name: Air-headed idiot (Her familiar calls her this), Pretty Pearl (her parents called her this, her father still does)
Signature: A large, rather chaotic handwriting it has a very irregular appearance. The letters are uneven both in form and in size. Tall upper loops and long lower loops vary in length and slant.
Gender: Female
Gender Role: She does act very feminine,
Orientation: Straight
Real Age: 16
Age Appearance: A lot of people depending on the situation think she's older or younger, like when she's around adults and is respectful they think she's older and when with friends
:iconfreespiritedgirl:FreeSpiritedGirl 5 10
Justin Conrad - Big-Ass Character Sheet
by ~Character-Resource
Verse: The human world as we know it
Date: 22. June 2012
Full Name: Justin Conrad
Pronunciation: JUS-tin KAHN-rad
Nickname/Alias: People just call him Justin.
Meaning: Just, upright or righteous.
Origin: I simply wanted him to have a normal but cute name, and I adore the name Justin. No, it is not because of Justin Bieber.
Title: Well, he's just a student, so "Mr." I'd guess?
Pet Name: His ex boyfriend Michael called him "honey" all the time.
ID Number: 519
Signature: Curly but narrow, and very perfectionistic.
Gender: Male.
Gender Role: Just boyish with a not-so-subtle hint of feminine.
Orientation: Homosexual.
Real Age: Justin is 18 years old.
Age Appearance: He looks a few years younger than he is due to his baby face.
Birthday: June 14, 1993.
Deathday: Fortunately, he is still alive.
Birthplace: Deltana, Alaska.
:iconspoxie:Spoxie 2 13
Nar-ha Character Sheet
Verse: Original Universe yet to be named
Date: April 4th, 2012
Full Name:  Nar-ha Lore
Pronunciation: Nahr-haa Lohr
Nickname/Alias:  None
Meaning: Nar-ha: Headstrong and down to earth. Lore: learning, knowledge, or erudition.
Origin: (I'm still working up the universe they all live in, it originates somewhere in there...)
Title: Commander
Pet Name: 'Nar', Kitten
ID Number: #41
Signature: He only knows enough cursive to write his first name (since he missed out on school for most of his life) and even that small amount is messy.
Gender: Male
Gender Role: Not extremely masculine, but only very slightly feminine.
Orientation: Bisexual
Real Age: Refuses to reveal
Age Appearance:  Looks 25-26 years old
Birthday: March 3rd, 19??
Deathday: N/A
Birthplace: (Again, sorry. Still working on the verse and all that)
Astrological Sign:<
:iconsonadow1012:sonadow1012 1 2
-_______- character meme: Briana Blackmoon
:faint: This took me forever to complete......anyway.....
Verse: Sonic the Hedgehog
Date: 10/21/11
Full Name: Briana Blackmoon
Pronunciation: Breeonuh Blackmoon
Nickname/Alias: Bri
Meaning: Briana-Strong one, Blackmoon-One with the moon
Origin: Briana- it's my first name lol, Blackmoon- well she's a Werewolf, and just Moon is too plain, so with the help of my brother we came up with Blackmoon
Title: Doesn't really have one...
Pet Name: Marco(her boyfriend) calls her Luna and *ahem* Moonpie.
ID Number: ._.
Signature: standard cursive with the tails a bit longer than it needs to be
Gender: Female
Gender Role: Feminine
Orientation: Straight
Real Age: 13
Age Appearance: ...13
Birthday: July 15 (the day i first drew her current design)
Deathday: SHE'S ALIVE, FOOL!
Birthplace: In a forest that I need to make a name for lol
Astrological Sign: Sorry, not sure what this is ^^;
Zodiac Sign: This doesn't affect h
:icongimp-artist:Gimp-artist 1 2
Vladimir Ava
Verse: Blitzkrieg
Date: 7/12/11
Full Name: Vladimir Ava
Pronunciation: vlah-DEE-meer A-vuh
Nickname/Alias: Vlad, Hundeführer.
Meaning: Vladimir is a russian name, meaning to rule. Ava has an unknown meaning, but is german.
Origin: This character is fully german blooded person, unknown how he got the Russian first name. I just love this name and didn't care that it was Russian hehe. Ava  because it is the daughter of my favorite band member :3
Title: Scharführer
Gender: Male
Gender Role: Very masculine.
Orientation: Straight as a line.
Real Age: 27
Age Appearance: Due to the stress of war, he looks quite older, with aging. Looks in his late 30s.
Birthday: Unknown
Deathday: N/A
Birthplace: In Berlin.
Immediate Family: Dead, is all he knows.
Distant Family: Doesn't know of any.
Parenting: He grew up without, he was taken from his family at birth to be raised as a hardened soldier.
Upbringing: Anyone but Germans and the like were bad. Killing is fun.
Infancy: Very well
:iconsatanswerewolf:SatansWerewolf 2 1
Tabbey-Character Sheet
Verse: Ours
Date: 7/2/11
Full Name: Tabbey
Pronunciation: Tab-ē
Nickname/Alias: **** cat! Or Perverted cat…..-_-
Meaning: none
Origin: He's a tablet and a cat, so… tabby cat :D
Title: Does pervert count?
Pet Name: Pervert…
Gender: Male
Gender Role: No one's really sure….O_o
Orientation: Straight. I think….
Real Age: Less than a year
Age Appearance: 18-ish
Birthday: December 25th 2010
Death day: none
Birthplace: Not sure, I'd have to look on the box…. XD(China, of course. Nothing seems to be made in the US)
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius
Zodiac Sign: Tiger. Oh, the irony…
Immediate Family: Me. unfortunately….If anyone wants to save me, please do so immediately!
Distant Family:???
Parenting: Um, I ran…He scares me, with all his rope and chains and other…..stuff….
Upbringing: Tabbey has morals?! Since when?
Infancy: I'd like to say dropped at birth but he won't let go
Childhood: not that old yet
Adolescence: not that old yet
:iconduchessederose:DuchesseDeRose 1 10
Character Sheet: Thalia
Verse: (The universe your character belongs to. Can be original or fanfiction. [Ex: Original : The name of your book, movie, game or whatever. Fanfiction: Pokemon, Star Trek, Naruto, ect.] Final Fantasy
Date: (The date this sheet was completed.) July 28, 2011
Full Name: Thalia Eau Jackson
Pronunciation: Th-all-e-a you jack-son
Nickname/Alias: (Does your character have a pet name, fake identity, or any other thing they like to go by? Put it here.) Furry, fleabag, Freya-wannabe, fluffy, Thal
Meaning: ([Ex: Emily means "admiring" and William means "protector"] If you aren't sure your character's name has a meaning look it up, I'm sure you'll find something. If it's a fantasy name you made yourself, give it a meaning.) Flourishing
Origin: (How did you come up with your character's name?) I thought that it was a pretty and petite sounding name, suiting for her character
Title: (Do have a title along with their name? [Ex: Sir, Captain, Ms.]) before she quit her family tradition, people would
:iconmicome:Micome 4 6



This account will host a collection of guides, character sheets, resources, and references for original writing. Everything in my gallery will be free to use without charge, so please put it to good use! I'll try and update quickly and as often as possible. Be sure to check out my favorites as well, as there are some really creative memes and templates that you have got to try filling out. Speaking of favorites, if you use anything in my gallery I'll automatically add it to a collection and comment. I love it when people use my resources! I'm always open to new ideas, so if you think I'm missing something in my gallery don't hesitate to let me know.


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