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Fakemon - Draconix
Like I said, I felt like drawing evos today - so here is the final evo of Dragule!

Draconix, Fantastic Damselfly Pokemon
Type(s): Bug/Dragon
Height: 5.7 Feet
Weight: 97.3 lbs
Stats: 59 HP, 87 ATK, 72 DEF, 111 SPE, 114 SPA, 62 SPD
Abilities: Swarm, Tinted Lens | Hidden Ability: Adaptability
Dex Entry: Draconix have fully taken on the form of a dragon and have become very fierce battlers. Primal instincts have taken over, and they have grown physically stronger, while also becoming more fit. They may never look serious, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't take them seriously.
Fakemon - Middraco
Today, I really feel like drawing a lot of the evos to the previous Fakemon I have made - so, I bring you the middle stage evo of Dragule!

Middraco, Damselfly Pokemon
Type(s): Bug/Flying
Height: 2.3 Feet
Weight: 10.3 lbs
Stats: 45 HP, 31 ATK, 39 DEF, 101 SPE, 79 SPA, 51 SPD
Abilities: Swarm, Tinted Lens | Hidden Ability: Adaptability
Dex Entry: Middraco have become bigger and stronger than Dragule. They are extremely fast creatures, and really on being faster than their opponents to win battles. They have become more fierce as they have evolved, and really enjoy battling now.
Fakemon - Burrowl
With this next town being based off of Arizona, I felt it would be cool to have some Arizona wildlife for our wild Pokemon! This takes some inspiration from the Great Horned Owl, but also from moles in the way it acts - meet Burrowl!
Burrowl, Burrowing Pokemon
Type(s): Ground/Flying
Height: 1.2 Feet
Weight: 8.6 lbs
Stats: 47 HP, 52 ATK, 44 DEF, 84 SPE, 51 SPA, 44 SPD
Abilities: Sand Rush, Sand Force  | Hidden Ability: Sand Stream
Dex Entry: Burowl are known to constantly be hidden underground, yet they are easily spotted, as the tufts of feathers on their head stick out of the ground while they are burrowing. When they are on the surface, they tend to kick up sand in a frenzy as a method of self defense, usually resulting in a small sand storm.
Fakemon - Lunarva
With bug and dark being my two favorite types - I think it is a disservice to Pokemon that we don't have any Bug/Dark Pokemon! Therefore, I'm creating Lunarva, who will evolve into a Pokemon based on the Luna Moth!
Lunarva, Luna Larva Pokemon
Type(s): Bug/Dark
Height: .9 Feet
Weight: 4.3 lbs
Stats: 44 HP, 57 ATK, 63 DEF, 46 SPE, 54 SPA, 72 SPD
Abilities: Illuminate, Shield Dust  | Hidden Ability: Tinted Lens
Dex Entry: Lunarva Pokemon glows in the dark. They prefer dark places and are typically nocturnal. They seem to glow brighter whenever the moon is out.
Fakemon - Gilvanile
Hello once again! Today I'm bringing you another Fakemon - this time, Gilvanile, the Gila Monster Pokemon! I'm not entirely sure if I like this design much like Jayling, but I'm sure I will like it as time goes on, as well as it's evolution!

Gilvanile, Gila Pokemon
Type(s): Poison
Height: 1.3 Feet
Weight: 4.6 lbs
Stats: 53 HP, 57 ATK, 53 DEF, 31 SPE, 57 SPA, 53 SPD
Abilities: Poison Touch, Gluttony | Hidden Ability: Sand Force
Dex Entry: Found typically in or near deserts, Gilvanile are known to be very lazy creatures. They are very poisonous and can easily hospitalize a human with one bite, but are very passive creatures. It stores most of it's poison it it's tail.


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